CONCORD — The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration has launched the first of three phases of its new online user portal and revenue management system, overhauling decades-old technology to provide an improved online experience for taxpayers.

The DRA, which collects more than $2 billion in taxes each year, expects the full implementation for all tax types to be complete by the end of 2021.

The new Revenue Information Management System (RIMS) and Granite Tax Connect (GTC), its online user portal, launched on Oct. 28 for more than 9,000 taxpayers, including those who pay Meals & Rentals, Nursing Facility Quality Assessment, and Medicaid Enhancement Taxes. Granite Tax Connect allows taxpayers, operators, and practitioners to complete tasks online, such as file taxes electronically, schedule automated online payments, view correspondence, and check on the status of returns, payments, web requests, and more.

“The launch of RIMS and GTC has been in the making for nearly four years, and this is NHDRA’s largest technology upgrade since our previous system was launched nearly 30 years ago,” said Commissioner Lindsey Stepp. “We’re excited to introduce GTC to the people of New Hampshire, which truly provides an all-inclusive view of the information necessary for taxpayers to interact with NHDRA and streamline the process, right at their fingertips. We have listened to feedback and suggestions from our taxpayers and incorporated it directly into our technology in order to provide the best service possible.”

GTC allows taxpayers and tax professionals to manage multiple accounts, file and amend returns, view balances, schedule payments, view correspondence, register new accounts, and update information.

Other user highlights include unique logins for different users under the same license, such as the owner and manager of one restaurant, with control over access to information for each user; save bank and payment information; pay assessments electronically; password recovery for forgotten passwords; and enhanced customer support, including screen sharing while protecting sensitive information, such as banking and passwords.

Without logging in, users can apply for a payment plan, pay from a voucher, look up a license, and apply for a Meals & Rentals license.

To create a user profile, go to For more information, call 603-230-5920, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Although extra staff will be on standby to assist with taxpayer inquiries, there may be longer-tha-usual wait times on phones.

Operators can continue to utilize existing filing methods (e-file and telefile) until Dec. 31, if they choose. During that time, operators should only file and pay in one system to avoid processing delays, duplicate payment drafts, etc.

Beginning on Jan. 1, 2020, the only electronic method of filing that will be available for Meals & Rentals taxpayers will be through GTC.

Phase two, the largest rollout phase, is expected to launch in fall of 2020 and will include the Business Enterprise Tax, Business Profits Tax, Communications Services Tax, and Interest and Dividends Tax, covering about 139,000 taxpayers. The third phase, expected to be complete by the end of 2021, will include all remaining tax types.

The technology that Fast Enterprises developed to create RIMS and GTC is specifically designed to support government-sector tax administration agencies, and its software is utilized in more than 50 percent of the United States, along with local and foreign government agencies.

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