04-16 Edison Awards Hasslers

Rick and R.J. Hassler celebrate after their company, Nature's Frequencies, was given a Gold Medal at the Edison Awards earlier this month. The award his given their product, the Food Freshness Card, renewed attention in the marketplace. (Courtesy photo)

GILFORD — The greatest advantage of Nature’s Frequencies, a company founded by a Gilford family, is that no one makes anything like its product. The greatest disadvantage is that no one has heard of anything like it.

Nature’s Frequencies, founded by father-and-son Rick and R.J. Hassler, developed the Food Freshness Card, which they say prohibit the growth of mold and fungi. So far, they’ve been focused on developing commercial clients –  supermarkets and institutions who lose a lot of money when they have to throw away food. When placed in areas where food is stored, they claim that their cards significantly extend the shelf life of perishable foods. In independent lab testing, the card kept food fresh an average of 40 percent longer than the control sample.

Sound too good to be true? “We get that all the time,” said Rick Hassler. So they’ve developed a sales tactic: Give a handful of cards to a potential customer, then wait a few weeks for the order to come in. Slowly, they’ve built their business this way.

Things changed in a big way this month, though.

First, on April 4, the Food Freshness Card won a gold medal at the Edison Awards, held in New York City to celebrate innovation. And on Friday, R.J. Hassler was interviewed on the Fox News program Varney and Company. When the interview ended, the phone started ringing.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how phenomenal it has been,” Rick Hassler said. “We took about a thousand orders over the weekend, it has been nonstop. It has been incredible. And it all starts with the Edison Awards.”

This wasn’t the first award that the Food Freshness Card has collected. The card is imprinted with a hologram that emits waves that they claim keeps food fresh. Prior to winning the Edison, the card had collected several awards, including the “Best New Food Safety Solution” at the United Fresh Innovation Awards. Nature’s Frequencies is based in Brockton, Massachusetts.

Hassler said he and his son were jubilant at the Edison Awards, where they were rubbing shoulders with senior executives from some of the biggest innovation companies in the world.

“We’ve worked so hard for so long, we are so far ahead of everybody,” he said. With recognition from the Edison Awards, and attention from a national cable news company, they will no longer have to work so hard to get people to try their product.

“We’ve won so many awards now that people are taking us seriously,” Hassler said. “We’re thankful for winning the Edison award and the opportunity that gave is. This is truly a life-changing award.”

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