Company moves forward with project to enhance reliability in area

FRANKLIN — Eversource has completed extensive landscaping in advance of construction of the Daniel Substation in Franklin – a project that will greatly enhance reliability for more than 12,000 Eversource and New Hampshire Electric Cooperative customers. The new substation, to be located near the existing Webster Substation off Webster Lake Road, will address growing demand and local customer needs and is not related to the Northern Pass project, which is being reviewed by the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee.

"The construction of Daniel Substation is an important part of our efforts to enhance reliability for customers in the Franklin area-but just as important is our commitment to being a good neighbor and ensuring the work is completed in a way that is respectful to surrounding property owners," said Eversource Community Relations Specialist Donna Keeley.

Eversource worked closely with municipal officials and residents of Franklin to answer questions and to develop a comprehensive landscaping plan to help screen the new substation along Route 11 and address the specific requests of neighbors to the project. In addition to planting more than 170 arborvitaes on top of a four-foot berm, the company completed additional strategic plantings on Carr Street and worked with individual property owners to identify measures to further screen the substation.

"As part of the work to construct the new substation, Eversource removed a house across the street from mine, which opened my view of the new substation and Route 11," said Joe Seavey of Franklin, who moved last year into a home on Carr Street. "Eversource representatives came to my home to meet with me personally and listened to my concerns. They worked closely with me and brought in a landscaper to develop a plan, which included planting trees to screen my view. Eversource did everything they said they would and I'm very happy with all the plantings. Everything is neat and clean. It looks great."

Tree clearing activities associated with the construction of Daniel Substation were completed in December 2016 and the extensive landscaping work was completed in September 2017. Substation construction activities are ongoing, and include site preparations, foundation installations, and the installation of new equipment. The new substation is expected to be in service by late 2018. Eversource remains committed to keeping the City of Franklin and neighbors informed throughout the construction process.

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