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MaryAnn Rassi is the first nursing assistant to complete an online program through CNA Now LLC. (Courtesy Photo)

LACONIA — MaryAnn Rassi is the first graduating nursing assistant in the CNA Now LLC online blended learning program.

Rassi completed her nursing assistant program online, doing her course work on her computer, tablet or smartphone, and joined a class for the lab and clinical portion. Rassi completed the program with high honors.

CNA Now LLC has the first online nursing assistant program from which a student completed and graduated.

“The availability of an online nursing assistant program is essential to the state of New Hampshire," said owner Kerri Dutton. "Students often have many responsibilities or are changing careers, and having the option to complete their schooling online assists with balancing demands of life. Our program can be completed while being present at your child’s soccer game, at home when you cannot leave, or on break at your current job.”

Rassi completed the program on her on time, allowing her to meet family responsibilities, work full-time, and take a trip that would have affected her ability to complete the program as a traditional student.

While calling the online program intense, Rassi said she was able to learn the basic skills needed through interactive online assignments to feel comfortable joining the class for lab and the clinical rotation at Merriman House in North Conway.

Students doing clinical work at Merriman House spent one-on-one time with residents, providing personal care, manicures, back rubs, and music.

CNA Now offers clinical sites throughout the state, along with a comprehensive program that prepares students to finish the requirements. The program is a total of 110 hours. The online blended program is accessible by visiting www.mycnanow.com.

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