Churchill’s Hole in the Wall Outfitters

Churchill’s Hole in the Wall Outfitters, 45 North Main Street, Wolfeboro, stocks high-quality tents and camping gear — everything you'd need to go camping. (Couresty photo)

WOLFEBORO — December is the best time of year in Wolfeboro for year-round folks because you get to slow down enough to visit our fellow business-owners and see their shops and enjoy the season. Steve Churchill is a wonderful example of this.

As a local face for many years, Steve is well known as a friendly outdoorsman who took his dream and turned it into his current shop. Located on 45 North Main Street the shop is called “Churchill’s Hole in the Wall Outfitters.” Open Wednesday - Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Steve’s passion for fishing and camping came straight from his Grandfather who taught him how to tie flies, a skill he still enjoys. From the minute you enter until you leave you’ll be impressed with his thorough inventory from high-quality tents and camping gear all the way to shoes and work boots, snowshoes, backpacks, everything you’d need to go camping.

Lots of things you wouldn’t expect to see were groovy, stuff like Grateful Dead T-shirts and the like. While visiting there a couple came in looking for stocking stuffers and left happily after finding three combo scraper/glove units. Steve’s store is full of all sorts of great gifts geared towards the outdoor sportsman in your life.

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