WOLFEBORO — On Saturday, July 13, hundreds are expected to attend New Hampshire Boat Museum’s Annual Boat and Car Auction, which will be held at Nick Recreation Center for the first time.

“The new location gives us the ability to have a larger tent and more convenient parking,” said Betsy Farley, chair of the auction committee. “People won’t have to park as far away and walk this year, and that alone will make a huge difference.”

She said they will also have golf carts to help people in the parking lot. “It is going to be much more convenient this year,” she added. “The museum is located right across the street, so people can walk across the street and go there, too.”

Farley referred to the high boat quality. “Most years, I have about 10 project boats that need work, but this year I have very few,” she said. “Almost all of are boats are water-ready.”

Examples include Chris Crafts, such as a rare 1931 rare triple cockpit, and 1952 Runabout.

“There is a 1949 Ventnor, a great Lyman Islander and a Correct Craft Barracuda,” she added. “We also have wonderful Dories, Launches, Row Boats and Canoes. There is something for everybody." 

The event will also feature various high-quality cars, including a 1983 Alpha Romeo Spider and 1966 Mustang Convertible. 

“More cars are coming in fast,” said Farley, who said the event also features motors, including a 1956 Mercury Mark 20 HP racing motor, 1953 Chris Craft Commander and 1953 Martin 200 Silver Streak. 

In addition to boats, cars and motors, New Hampshire Boat Museum’s Annual Boat and Car Auction will feature 75 memorabilia items. “We have one family that has a large collection of items they have been collecting for years that they will be putting into the auction, so there will be a lot of variety,” Farley said. “We also have some beautiful boat under glass models that are great for decorating, and there’s always unique antique artwork.”

Bidding begins Saturday, July 13 at 10 a.m. Registration is free for current NHBM members, and $10 for non-members.

To learn more about New Hampshire Boat Museum, visit nhbm.org.

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