05-03 BOAT Millie B

Visitors to the New Hampshire Boat Museum can look forward to tours aboard the Millie B. (Courtesy photo)

WOLFEBORO — Beginning Memorial Day Weekend, the New Hampshire Boat Museum will again provide locals and visitors with the opportunity to cruise Lake Winnipesaukee in the Millie B.
A 28-foot, mahogany, triple cockpit woodie replica 1928 Hacker-Craft, the Millie B recreates the experience of the golden age of boating.
“Wooden boats are iconic of New Hampshire’s fresh water lakes,” said NHBM Executive Director Martha Cummings. “The Millie B lets people experience the lakes in a unique, fun way.”
During the 45-minute tour, visitors hear stories from the captain about the lake’s history, geography, geology and wildlife as well as some of the people who live on it.
In addition to tours, which generally accommodate eight people, the Millie B is available for charters and private cruises on Lake Winnipesaukee. 
NHBM also provides opportunities to experience the lakes through two sailing programs.
In the Community Sailing Program, NHBM and Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation teach basic sailing to adults and children. In the Sailboat Sharing Program, NHBM, Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation and Brewster Academy provide individuals with the opportunity to share the use of a J24 keelboat.
“We want people of all ages to experience the lakes in unique and memorable ways,” said Cummings. “We are excited for a wonderful late spring and summer.”
To learn more about the Millie B or NHBM sailing programs, visit nhbm.org

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