GILFORD — Members of the Gilford High School Class of 2018 are: Jenna Margaret Baumeister, Brooke Jenney Beaudet, Logan Steven Bell, Brendan Douglas Bergman, Cloe Moon Boucher, Chloe Katherine Bourgeois, Seamus Cornelius Bradford, Taryn Ann Breton, Jackson Cooper Brulotte, and Nicholas Willi…


I am a certified child welfare attorney, employed by NH DCYF. Your article about the UNH study was very informative, but missed an opportunity to perform an important public service: reminding your readers that anyone who suspects that a child is being abused or neglected is required, pursuant to N.H. RSA 169-C:29-30, to immediately report their suspicions to the DCYF Central Intake Unit at (800) 894-5533 (in-state) or (603) 271-6562.


Where is the Democratic Party? The Party of the People is stuck in the status quo — the still reigning, old-line hierarchy of the Democratic party is unwilling to just be dedicated to well, to the democratic interests of its own political base. People know from real-life experience that the economy has been rigged against them for the benefit of the uber-rich and the political system has been totally corrupted by the bipartisan pay-to-play ethic that protects the status quo from interference by us commoners. While Republicans are a wholly-owned corporate subsidiary, unabashedly dedicated the narrow interests of the moneyed elites, the Dems' congressional elders, key party officials, entrenched consultants and corporate funders continue to push bland, business-as-usual candidates running on a pusillanimous policy agenda of vague "reforms" that don't actually change anything. Then the party establishment wonders why such people stray or stay home in November!



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