Belknap Buzz



Wow, more than half the year has passed! Lots of happenings here at Belknap County Nursing Home. We had a great June. We greeted the bikers for Bike Week and we had the opportunity to see so many bikes! Several stopped in to say "Hi," with even more driving by and tooting their horns at the residents sitting in our lower parking lot. It was great fun! We wore our Bike Week T-shirts, had burgers from McDonald's, and finished off the day with ice cream. Some of the officers from the Belknap County Sheriff's Department also came by to say hello and visit for a while. Check out our Facebook page, as well as the Belknap County Sheriff's, for some pictures at the Belknap County Nursing Home.
We celebrated our LNA's in June with potluck lunches, LNA "emergency" kits, and a banner in the hall. It was good to take a week and be able to thank them all for what they do every day.
We went on a virtual road trip for the month of June. We learned amazing facts about so many states along the way. For our own road trip we went to the beach, and we had the most amazing weather! For July, we are celebrating our Independence all month with our theme of "Let Freedom Ring." We'll be barbecuing and picnicking outside, singing some patriotic songs together and reminiscing about past Independence Days.
Back in March, Belknap County Nursing Home started its own program to recognize staff members who go above the call of duty, called "Shooting Stars." Residents, visitors, family members, or staff can nominate someone they feel is deserving. They write up their nomination, drop it in the box, and one person is chosen each month. We've chosen four staff members so far! March's Shooting Star was Ashley Quale from the laundry deartment.; April's was Gillian Halligan, LNA, from nursing; May was Leanne Gladle, Dietary; and June was Beth Bean, LNA, from nursing. Thank you to all of you for all the wonderful things you do for our residents and our facility!
We have awaited delivery of a wonderful system called IN2L (It's Never 2 Late), and it has finally arrived! This computer system will impact our residents in so many ways! It comes loaded with music, trivia, puzzles, games, emails, etc. Residents can use the flight simulator, the music, the puzzles, or any other program independently, in groups, or with therapy. We are excited to bring new adventures to the residents beginning next month!
Speaking of new adventures, we also took delivery of our 15-passenger van with a lift back in April, and have been journeying out into the community weekly. We've gone out to restaurants, ice cream, been shopping, and to the ocean. We are looking forward to the months ahead. Going to see shows, maybe a baseball game, and some more picnics.
Do you have some extra time? Want to join us? Come volunteer with us at Belknap County Nursing Home! Come help take the residents shopping, join a Wii bowling team, gardening, or just making a difference in someone's day. Volunteers are always wanted! Contact the Activity Department to sign up today!