Belknap Buzz

By Brenda Twardosky

Director of Recreation, Belknap County Nursing Home


The residents and staff here at Belknap County Nursing Home recently held our first Wii Bowling Banquet.
Our Wii bowling league started in November. 18 teams, comprised of one staff member and one resident, signed up to compete. The teams bowled one string, per person, per week, for eight weeks. They picked team names, and agreed on times to meet and bowl. Staff members came in on days off, bowled during breaks, and encouraged their resident partner throughout the season.
We set up the Wii in our family room, which made it available for everyone's use. Some residents had never used a Wii before! After getting used to the controller and how to throw the ball, they were on their way! Residents and staff enjoyed the camaraderie, the competition, and the exercise. Staff mentioned, not only at the banquet, but throughout the season, how neat it was to interact with the residents outside their scope of employment. They enjoyed the opportunity to do something fun with the residents. All the bowlers would look forward all week to their time to bowl together.
Prizes were awarded for best team score over the eight week season; best average, female and male; best high game, female and male; and most improved. T-shirts were made and donated to all 36 players by Piche's Print Shop. Thanks Piche's! The T-shirts were given out at the banquet, and are amazing.
The room was packed for the awards. Staff came in on their time off, some with their children, to attend the banquet. The residents really enjoyed seeing all the kids. Most of the teams sat together, and everyone waited for the winners to be announced. After the awards were handed out and we learned who had won, we had several kinds of chips and dips, salsa, and party mix.
The teams, and other residents who didn't compete, cheered each other on as the winners were declared. It was very exciting! Residents were asking, "When can we do this again?" Residents are looking forward to starting another bowling league, but also just bowling together for fun.

Sound like fun? Want to join us? Come volunteer with us at Belknap County Nursing Home! Come help with a snow ball fight, Wii bowling, making bird feeders, or just making a difference in someone's day. Volunteers are always wanted! Contact the activity department to sign up today.