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Wow, more than half the year has passed! Lots of happenings here at Belknap County Nursing Home. We had a great June. We greeted the bikers for Bike Week and we had the opportunity to see so many bikes! Several stopped in to say "Hi," with even more driving by and tooting their horns at the residents sitting in our lower parking lot. It was great fun! We wore our Bike Week T-shirts, had burgers from McDonald's, and finished off the day with ice cream. Some of the officers from the Belknap County Sheriff's Department also came by to say hello and visit for a while. Check out our Facebook page, as well as the Belknap County Sheriff's, for some pictures at the Belknap County Nursing Home.
We celebrated our LNA's in June with potluck lunches, LNA "emergency" kits, and a banner in the hall. It was good to take a week and be able to thank them all for what they do every day.
We went on a virtual road trip for the month of June. We learned amazing facts about so many states along the way. For our own road trip we went to the beach, and we had the most amazing weather! For July, we are celebrating our Independence all month with our theme of "Let Freedom Ring." We'll be barbecuing and picnicking outside, singing some patriotic songs together and reminiscing about past Independence Days.
Back in March, Belknap County Nursing Home started its own program to recognize staff members who go above the call of duty, called "Shooting Stars." Residents, visitors, family members, or staff can nominate someone they feel is deserving. They write up their nomination, drop it in the box, and one person is chosen each month. We've chosen four staff members so far! March's Shooting Star was Ashley Quale from the laundry deartment.; April's was Gillian Halligan, LNA, from nursing; May was Leanne Gladle, Dietary; and June was Beth Bean, LNA, from nursing. Thank you to all of you for all the wonderful things you do for our residents and our facility!
We have awaited delivery of a wonderful system called IN2L (It's Never 2 Late), and it has finally arrived! This computer system will impact our residents in so many ways! It comes loaded with music, trivia, puzzles, games, emails, etc. Residents can use the flight simulator, the music, the puzzles, or any other program independently, in groups, or with therapy. We are excited to bring new adventures to the residents beginning next month!
Speaking of new adventures, we also took delivery of our 15-passenger van with a lift back in April, and have been journeying out into the community weekly. We've gone out to restaurants, ice cream, been shopping, and to the ocean. We are looking forward to the months ahead. Going to see shows, maybe a baseball game, and some more picnics.
Do you have some extra time? Want to join us? Come volunteer with us at Belknap County Nursing Home! Come help take the residents shopping, join a Wii bowling team, gardening, or just making a difference in someone's day. Volunteers are always wanted! Contact the Activity Department to sign up today!

Lake Opechee Garden Club brings color to the nursing home


Wow, spring is almost gone! Even though we haven't had a banner spring, the grounds here at Belknap County Nursing Home are amazing! BCNH would really like to give a shout out to the Lake Opechee Garden Club! Their Master Gardener(s) have brought so much color and beauty to our courtyards, we are so thankful! They have come and weeded, planted and improved the courtyards for our residents. The residents are out there often when the nice weather comes, and to have such a peaceful, colorful place to sit really means a lot to them.
They don't just forget about us after spring has passed either. They made beautiful winter arrangements last year and gave them to every resident in the facility to brighten up their rooms! They had greenery, beautiful ribbons, and some had holiday glam. We are so blessed to have this relationship with the Lake Opechee Garden Club. Thank you for all you do for our residents!
We are celebrating our nursing assistants this week, a very big part of what makes our facility amazing! National Nursing Assistant Week is celebrated June 9 through the 16. It's a great time to thank all the wonderful Nursing Assistants that impact our resident's lives on a daily basis. Thank you to all the nursing assistants at BCNH for everything you do for our residents!

Looking forward, summer is coming and everyone is excited about all the great things we will be able to do during the summer months. We plan to welcome all the Bikers for Bike week. We will set up tents and watch the bikes as they go by. Hopefully some of the bikers will stop by and join us in the parking lot to let the residents see all of the different bikes that come and visit Laconia every year. We plan to go to the beach a few times, shopping, out for ice cream and are looking for some great places to picnic!

Do you have some extra time this summer? Want to join us? Come volunteer with us at Belknap County Nursing Home! Come help take the residents shopping, join a Wii bowling team, gardening, or just making a difference in someone's day. Volunteers are always wanted! Contact the Activity Department to sign up today!


Brenda Twardosky is the director of recreation at the Belknap County Nursing Home.

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Peabody Home – a nursing home running on the 'Yankee plan'


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FRANKLIN — "What we're filled with is people that never expected to live here," said Meg Miller, administrator of the Peabody Home, a nonprofit residential community that provides the least expensive nursing home beds in the state, and does so by utilizing a novel business plan.

The Peabody Home dates back to 1938, when four residents bequeathed a total of $190,234.20 to "establish a home for the aged in Franklin." The Franklin Home for the Aged opened in 1942, though the given name was eventually overtaken by its current name, which was favored by residents as the facility was built on property once known as the Peabody Homestead.

"In 1938, people took care of their family. So, the Peabody Home was built for people with no families," said Miller.

Today, though, the Peabody Home serves a different niche – people who can't afford more expensive facilities, yet have too much in assets to qualify for Medicaid. Miller said she is able to offer a reasonably priced assisted living or nursing home option thanks to a unique billing strategy that forgoes Medicaid.

"We don't participate in Medicaid. We're entirely private," Miller said. The problem with accepting Medicaid, she said, is that it only pays $140 per day for a nursing home bed. "Which misses the mark by about $60."

Facilities that take Medicaid residents are able to cover that deficit by shifting costs on to other residents, she explained, which is partly why average nursing home beds cost $270 to $300 per day.

"I charge $124 to $144 a day for a nursing home bed," she said.

While other facilities roll all of the nursing home services into the price of a bed, Miller said the Peabody Home's lower per-day fee is the base price on an a la carte menu of services.

"We are like the Yankee plan for that, you only pay for what you use," she said. The base price covers housekeeping, laundry and three meals each day. Fees for additional services can be added when, and if, residents require them.

The Peabody Home has space for four residents in an independent living space, 10 beds for assisted living, and 29 beds for residents who require nursing care. The home has 60 employees, and is staffed around the clock.

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Bank of New Hampshire recognizes Older Americans Month

In recognition of Older Americans Month in May, Bank of New Hampshire is providing tips and advice to prevent financial exploitation of older adults.
"Seniors are increasingly becoming targets for financial abuse as it's all about the money," said Karen Cornell, vice president - BSA compliance officer for Bank of New Hampshire. "People over 50 years old control over 70 percent of the nation's wealth, and fraudsters are using new tactics to take advantage of the growing number of older Americans."
Bank of New Hampshire employees are frequently trained to identify red flags commonly associated with financial abuse; this includes unusual withdrawals, changes in spending behavior or someone new attempting access to an account.
However, elder financial abuse is best combated when bankers and customers work together. To help older Americans protect themselves, Bank of New Hampshire is offering these tips:
· Keep personal information private. Never share your social security number or date of birth as these numbers do not change. Never share account information or personal details over the phone or internet, unless you initiated the contact with a trusted source.

· Never let someone have remote access to your computer. Companies will not call to notify you of a computer problem. Bring it to a local reputable business if you need help.

· Shred! Shred! Shred! Shred receipts, bank statements and unused credit card offers before throwing them away so fraudsters can't piece together your personal information. Do not throw these offers in a public recycle bin at the post office.

· Reduce how many cards you keep in your wallet or purse. Do not keep PINs and passwords in the same place. Accidents happen, you don't want a stranger to get this info if you lose your wallet or purse.

· Understand how your relationships will contact you. Call them directly using a familiar number to confirm before you respond to providing information.

· IRS will never call to demand payment. They will never ask for your card numbers over the phone or require immediate payment and they will never threaten to have you arrested.

· Do not send money to someone you have not met face to face. Fraudsters are using the internet and phone to entice you or gain your trust.

· Pay attention to local media alerts. Many communities will have local media notify the public when there is a risk to the community. Call your local Police Department with any concerns.

· Don't let a so-called "adviser" pressure you. Never let a new or untrusted "adviser" pressure you into sharing personal or financial details. He or she could be a fraudster.

· Check your credit report. Customers should check their credit report at least one a year to ensure no new credit cards or accounts have been opened by criminals in your name. To receive a free copy of your credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies, visit the Federal Trade Commission's website at

or call 1-877-322-8228.

· Never rush into a financial decision. Ask for details in writing and get a second opinion from a trusted financial advisor or attorney before signing any document you don't understand.

Belknap Buzz

By BRENDA TWARDOSKY, Director of Recreation, Belknap County Nursing Home

Happy spring! So many fun things are happening at Belknap County Nursing Home! The weather is getting warmer, we are planning trips and everyone is looking forward to fun out in the sun. We are happy about baseball season beginning, being able to go on picnics, starting the garden, and planning on going to the beach.
We could not do all the fun and wonderful things we do with the residents without acknowledging the often unsung heroes of our facility-our volunteers! Our volunteers come and visit with residents, help the residents with Bingo or Flippo, play cribbage, bring residents outside, prep arts and crafts projects, help with trips out of the facility, help with activity groups, run art classes, run church services, worship services, and hymn sings. Most importantly, our volunteers bring smiles, joy, and love to our residents.
Volunteer Week this year started on April 10 and went through April 16. During this important week, we wanted to show our volunteers how much we appreciate them. We held a volunteer dinner on Wednesday, April 13. What a group! Young and old, men and women, so many of our volunteers together in one place. How very fortunate we are to have them all year, and to be able to host an event to show them how special they are to us.
Staff were so excited for this event, they stayed after their work day to volunteer with the event. The volunteer staff put the room together with beautiful linens, arranging the room so that everyone could see and socialize with each other. Flowers were bought and donated and set out at each place setting for each volunteer. We included a beautiful poem about volunteers for each person. Our Activity Room looked like an expensive restaurant!
I know that as wonderful as our event was, it doesn't even begin to touch on how much our volunteers really mean to us and to the residents. The connections these amazing people have made with our residents is amazing. They aren't volunteers to them, they are friends. So a special shout-out to all of our friends who come and help us! Thank you for what you do!
Would you want to join us? Would you like to make some new friends? Come volunteer with us at Belknap County Nursing Home! Come help us go out on trips, with our gardening, or just by making a difference in someone's day. Volunteers are always wanted! Contact the Activity Department to sign up today!

04-20 Belknap Buzz meal

Volunteers at the Belknap County Nursing Home were thanked with a special meal on April 13. (Courtesy photo)