Weekly golf tip - Winter doesn't have to be terrible for your golf game

  • Published in Outdoors

MOULTONBOROUGH — Let's face facts. Winter is terrible for your golf game! It's even more dreadful for those golfers dreaming about lush fairways and manicured greens as we watch the PGA on TV.  But the offseason can be beneficial to your golf game.

A snowman on your golf score, a score of 8 for non-golfers, only belongs in wintertime. Here are some tips to keep your game tuned up so once spring arrives you’ll have your putting game ready to go. 

Before we start, let’s examine what makes up a par 72 golf score. Putting makes up half of your golf score and is certainly not practiced enough by amateurs. Driving balls on a range sure is fun, but the driver is only used at most 14 out of 72 strokes during a round. Yet putting makes up 32 out of 72 strokes.

So let's focus on keeping the feel for your putting stroke intact during the big chill.  Indoor putting greens can get a little pricey but all you really need is any floor or carpet.  Putting to a coffee cup or a makeshift hole in your living room or office will do the trick. Fifteen minutes a day here or there will hone your game and improve your putting, so you can focus on the other clubs in the bag come spring. Imagine what drilling 5-6 footers with proper pace for a few cold months will do for your confidence leading into the 2018 season.

– Mitch Jefferson
, PGA head golf professional
 at Ridgewood Country Club,