LRGHealthcare Family Birthplace Installs "state of the art" newborn safety system

LACONIA — LRGHealthcare has recently installed a new and innovative Infant Safety System developed by Certa-Scan Technologies and is the first and only healthcare system in the state of New Hampshire to offer this innovative technology.

The system allows the hospital to capture high resolution newborn footprints which can be used for precise identification in situations like abduction, lost baby or natural disaster. Footprints are a biometric, unique to each baby, so they can be used for identification throughout a lifetime. The standard ink footprints are of no use to law enforcement officials as most are not clear or complete prints for identification.

The Newborn Safety System has been praised by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). The system is safe for use on babies and provides outstanding footprint quality. Nurses prefer the system because it is ease of use, and replaces the time consuming, and often time's messy ink and paper method. The digital foot prints and security photo are stored in the newborn's medical record. In addition to the added layer of safety, every new mom receives an attractive certificate of her newborn's footprint. When she returns home, she can visit a special website to enhance the certificate and download a digital copy of her baby's footprint. These additional benefits are provided as a gift from LRGHealthcare.

LRGHealthcare is on the cutting edge of using high technology to increase safety, security, customer service, and patient satisfaction.