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Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton wanted to impose one-world government, media is complicit, but God has other ideas

To The Daily Sun,

I'd like to comment on what I see as the state of our nation: The Trump presidency, the Mueller investigation, the corruption of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton, the unelected bureaucracy, aka, the deep state, the liberal news media, and lastly, public education. I'd like to share what I see as the big picture of what is going on in America at this time and bring it down school choice at the local level.

It seems that the previous administration, the Obama administration had a goal of dissolving America's strength and leadership in the world. He had most progressives in the world with him in this endeavor. He appointed justices who would look outside of our Constitution for guidance in their decisions. His Russian reset favored Russian interests over our own. The consequences of some of his decisions has enabled China to challenge our claim to world leadership. His policies have set aflame the Middle East. He was silent before Israel's enemies at the U.N. He encouraged massive waves of illegal immigration to overrun our borders. He has given millions and millions of dollars to our enemies. This was not merely ineptness. That would have been more easily forgiven. But that was his purpose; to take America down so she would no longer be an impediment to a one-world government, that he and many progressives are looking for, as their answer to the world's problems. Hillary Clinton was suppose to finish the work of reducing America to an irrelevant force in the world. Our media has been complicit by hiding much of this as also has been the deep state. But God had other ideas.

This part is hard, for I love my country. This part is twofold. Many are going to hate me for this, but I must put it out there. God is going to judge America. His church in America is not yet ready. So enter Donald Trump. America will be great again for another seven years. God is not going to let America fade off into the sunset. After seven years will come her judgement. We need to use this window of opportunity to get right with God. Many if not most of us will not live through the time that comes afterward. It is time to get serious about God. Go to a Bible preaching and believing church. Enter into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Repent of your sins and get them forgiven. Walk uprightly before your God. Pray, study your Bible. Believe it. Be honest with your neighbor. Engage in good works as unto the Lord. Love those people whom God puts in your life, even if they're hard to love. Cleanse your hearts and wash your sins clean, come under the forgiveness of Christ's shed blood. Let God give your life in this world a happy ending.

My prediction: Right now there is a race going on in Washington in which progressives are trying to find a way to remove Donald Trump from office; before the treasonous corruption of the previous administration is revealed. The progressives will lose this race. Donald Trump will win, and he will succeed in making America great again.

Americans are fickle. After Trump's second term, inexplicably America will turn again to the left. Unless I'm wrong and I hope am, and revival sweeps across the nation so much so that God turns away His fierce wrath, America will be judged severely. You Bible scholars, I confess that I do not fully understand this. I do not pretend to, yet is there a nation in all of history that better fits the description of Babylon the Great, in Revelation 17 and 18, than the United States of America? This should bring everyone of us to our knees.

We have had some very bad Supreme Court decisions concerning the separation of church and state. It is an impossibility that our founders intended to have our republic set itself against God. Yet that is what we have done. At out founding our schools were Christian. Outside of faith in Christ and loving one another, sexual fidelity in the confines of marriage is the most central doctrine of the Christian religion. I think it's not going too far to say that today public educators convey to adolescents that sexual activity outside of marriage is normal. How can we claim to be a nation where freedom of religion is held as a right; when we force by law Christian families, whose number one priority is to bring up their children in Godly admonition, to send their children to a school that teaches them that it's okay to break one of the central tenets of their faith? If the family cannot afford to send their children to a private school or home school; they have to by law send them to a school which will systematically undermine their faith. This is our next generation. How does this square with freedom of religion? Consequently the school choice bills coming up in our N.H. Legislature are some the most important bills that we can pass. It might be seen by God as a necessary part of national repentance.

John Demakowki


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Many parents cannot afford private schools; SB-193 will help

To The Daily Sun,

If a contractor did a good job for you but a bad job for your neighbor would you force your neighbor to keep rehiring the same contractor? Would you tell your neighbor to hire a second contractor to follow the first and fix the first contractor’s poor work? No.

But this is what happens with children’s education. Many public schools fail to provide a good educational opportunity to all students. And parents have to make up for public school deficiencies if they can.

Children and society both suffer when children are poorly educated. Poorly educated people often struggle to support themselves; too often they become a burden on others or even become criminals who hurt people and drive up taxpayer expenses for police, courts, prisons, etc.

Some parents can afford to hire tutors, purchase study aids, or send their children to other schools; many cannot. I know a family, in an excellent Connecticut school district, that feels the school is failing one of their children, but can’t, without help, afford a private school.

We’re Americans; it’s beneath us to allow each child to be denied a chance for a decent education. But decades of increased public school funding shows that our public schools can’t, or don’t care enough to, offer a good education to each student.

We can and must do better.

The New Hampshire House has proposed a new five-year pilot program to address this problem. This program is limited to students from poorer families (no more than 300 percent of poverty) meeting certain criteria, e.g., attends an under-performing school.

This program allows parents to establish Education Freedom Spending Accounts (ESAs) funded with the state’s per student funding money. The ESA can be used for homeschooling, tutors, online courses, courses at public schools, tuition at a non-public school, or other qualified expenses. The program is only open to current public school students who, if approved, withdraw from their public school. Student educations are monitored to ensure appropriate progress.

Importantly, the impact on a local public school is negligible; the loss of state funding is limited to no more than one-quarter of 1 percent of the school district’s annual budget, typically less impact than from year to year student population changes.

 SB-193 addresses the concerns about financial impact on the public schools while providing a remedy for students failed by public schools. New Hampshire must do better for all students, and this program has helped students elsewhere. This pilot program is proposed by the House Amendment to SB-193 which will be up for a vote in early January.

Please tell your representatives to support SB-193.

Don Ewing

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