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I, too, am a railroad buff but we need to investigate potential for better uses of right-of-way at WOW Trail

To The Daily Sun,

Let me begin by sharing how much I revere our country’s railroad history, as evidenced by my travels. Among others, I’ve ridden the A Train in New York, the City of New Orleans in Chicago, the Train to Maine, the remarkable Cog Railway and, yes, the charming Hobo Railroad in The Weirs.
I recognize the nostalgic attachment many have to rail travel, in part because I feel it myself, and I additionally acknowledge how essential the railroads were in building our country. Having lived in Nebraska for ten years, I know too how essential the railroads still are, particularly across the expanse of the Midwest and Great Plains.

However, I also have known the value of living places where investment in building bike path networks has revitalized and invigorated communities, and I have lived in communities where the railroad successfully coexisted with bike paths. My experiences lead me to support a study investigating the use and economic benefits of the publicly owned railroad corridor in the Lakes Region. I think it would be short-sighted not to embrace such a study, in part because the first two phases of the WOW Trail have been so successful.

I see more people walking through downtown Laconia because they’re utilizing the WOW Trail, and I also see more small businesses opening up. When I use the WOW Trail to walk to Bartlett Beach from the Downtown Gym or the Water Street Cafe, I’m encouraged by how much cleaner and safer the beach seems, and I can’t help but credit the increased traffic, thanks to the trail. 

The more information we have, the more equipped our community will be in determining the future use of the railroad corridor and the expansion of the WOW Trail. I echo Rusty McLear’s call in a recent Sun column that it’s time to complete the WOW Trail project; all we need to figure out is how. As he said, “Let’s study how best we can do this and go from there.”

Kate Flaherty

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Bristol citizens, get involved or liberals will have $3M building

To The Daily Sun,

Many months ago, a “Bristol space needs committee” was formed to review and assess the town’s “current and future needs” for a NEW Town Hall and Police Station. An architectural firm was selected to work with that committee to design a building that would best accommodate those “defined needs.” Based upon those needs, in September a public meeting was held to showcase the architect’s design and listen to citizen’s reaction and input. While the building’s appearance and layout was attractive, the price tag for this project was a whopping $3 million.

As you can imagine, many of the town’s residents were quite upset with this extravagant, unwarranted proposal and demanded a downward revision of the scope of those plans. A follow-up meeting to review and discuss the latest revised project design will be held on Wednesday night , Nov. 15, at 6 p.m. at the old Town Hall. I urge all citizens with common sense to attend this meeting as those whom love to spend money like drunken sailors will attend in full force and try to jamb this thing down the town’s throat just like they did with the Minot-Sleeper Library renovation project. As many shall recall, the original proposal to renovate the Library was about $2 million  The second proposal was reduced to about $1.3 million, and we eventually ended up spending $880,000, which was much more practical.

Due to the scope of this current proposed project, and associated expense to the town, the purpose of the meeting next week is to gauge the community’s reaction to this first project revision, and address the majority’s expressed concerns. If the more conservative citizen’s of this town are silent and choose not to attend, their continued muted concerns will be answered with resulting higher taxes to pay for out-of-control spending by the town’s liberals. I encourage all citizens to attend the meeting and express your opinion freely — regardless of where you stand on these issues.

Erik R. Nelson


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