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Democrats think Trump voters are dumb and racist

To The Daily Sun,

It is 2018, Donald Trump is still president and the United States is prospering. President Trump has accomplished more in one year than President Obama did in eight years.

If you believe the tax cut is only for the rich, do not take it. Do not accept a bonus from the company, do not pay lower taxes and do not invest in the stock market.

Here is what Democrats think of Trump voters: "We get it, they're dumb. They're very, very dumb, they live in places in which all their friends are dumb, and their jobs are dumb, and their dogs are dumb and they are racist."

Other than that, we are pretty nice people.

Here are some of my New Year’s resolutions for 2018:

- Stop watching Expert Sport Political Network (ESPN) – too much politics.

- Stop calling my Congressional Reps and Senators – they do not give a "crap" what I think.

- Support Eddie Edward for Congress- look him up.

- Vote Republican – love Jeanne Forrester.

- Stop watching any awards show.

- Continue to stand and salute while the National Anthem is being played.

- Continue to support and love President Trump.

Jim Mayotte


  • Written by Mike Mortensen
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Proposal for a new town hall for Bristol is too expensive

To The Daily Sun,

Last Monday the Bristol Select Board met in the town library to swear in two new police officers, discuss the proposed new town office and proposed warrant articles. The board decided they were not going to touch the posted agenda issue of warrant articles as they felt it would take up too much time. I guess we will just have to pass them to know what's in them.

What was discussed was the cost of the proposed new Bristol Town Office. Members of the Needs Committee and general contractor were present and agreed that the warrant article should be pegged at $2.3 million. This is a figure that was pulled from a conceptual drawing by the architects. This figure does not include any contingencies requested by the contractor.

What the taxpayers should be concerned about is the lack of any substantiating information about proper staffing levels, projections of future staffing levels, effects of future automation on municipal government operations, projected growth or decline in population, and square footage required to perform those functions.

Again the Bristol Select Board is advocating throwing your tax money at a perceived problem without doing their homework.

By comparison, the Town of Epsom is doing the same project, building a new town office, but they will only be spending $899,000 for a 4,500-square-foot building to serve a community of 4,685 people, 1,600 more people than Bristol. Did I mention that Epsom is situated on major routes north, south and east-west? You may be familiar with the Epsom Circle, a true "hub." I'll bet they didn't spend $95,000 for their plans either. Why are Bristol's taxpayers always being raked over the coals?

If you are a taxpayer in Bristol, you better pay attention, the Select Board is proposing an increase in the operating budget of $471,000, plus another $900,000 in warrant articles in addition to the new Town Office. If these items pass Town Meeting, your tax bill will increase by $3 per $1,000. Wake up taxpayers before it's too late!

Paul Simard


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