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I so miss the Christmas open house on Edwards Street; bah humbug

To The Daily Sun,

With the holidays upon us, it saddens me that one of my favorite traditions was put to an end. I grew up on Edwards Street, with fond memories as a child. As an adult, I so thoroughly enjoyed visiting my old street and seeing the outstanding displays, the hot cocoa, hotdogs, popcorn, amazing lights, watching the kids excitement and sharing fellowship with strangers, and then Santa showing up for the children.

What a shame it came to an end. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understood the cause for the shutdown was, who might be liable if someone fell on ice? If this is the reason, shame on you! We choose to live in New Hampshire, where we have ice and snow, and guess what? It doesn't just snow on Edwards Street! I've slipped and fallen in the winter in many a place. If someone is so disgruntled that they feel a need to sue someone for their falling on ice, then relocate ... move to a state where there is no winter. If you choose to live here, deal with the weather at your own risk! No one is liable but yourself!

I hope one day we get back the wonderful Christmas gift that Edwards Street gave us. I personally want to thank all the residents on that street for what they did for this community, extending so much holiday spirit to us all.

In closing, I wish you all many blessings in the New Year, minus the Scrooge who ruined something wonderful!

Cindy LaPointe


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We don’t need “studies” and “reports to know the truth

To The Daily Sun,

I am here, under my rock, reading James Vervaeke’s latest “statistics” dump through my alt-right glaucomic glasses. Whew! Certainly takes James a long time to attempt to make a point. Study after study. How impressive! I’m sure they were all independent and unbiased, with no agenda. Did you notice you don’t see any “studies” on African-American success stories from James, of which there are many. Wonder why? Doesn’t fit his narrative. Can never let facts get in the way of “social/racial” justice. However, out here in the real world, we don’t need “studies” and “reports,” especially from the ACLU, to know the truth: people getting arrested and sent to prison have usually broken the law, no matter what race or color. Sentences vary due to circumstances.
James would have us believe that law enforcement gets up every morning to target only specific groups. He wants us to believe that, even though arrested people are presumed innocent and entitled to free representation, somehow the system is manipulated against minorities. Assuming it were even possible, how would that work? Police, prosecutors, and judges all conspiring to rig the system? Doubtful. May have been true at some point in the past, but much less likely today. I would argue it’s just the opposite, as evidenced by the disgusting result of the recent Kate Steinle murder trial. A total travesty of justice. A murderer set free by 12 morons. Moving on, as for job applicants, again, in the real world, many variables other than race come into play. James, do you think a business owner wouldn’t hire a minority if he or she were the most qualified for the job? Really? If you do, I doubt you ever had a business. Do have to run, but continue to social-justice on, James! Can’t wait for the next barrage of statistics! If you work a little harder, you might be able to fill a whole page.
Chuck McGee


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