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For endorsers of Mr. Smolin, shame on you for not doing homework

To The Daily Sun,

In announcing his candidacy for Belknap County commissioner, Mr. Smolin touted his extensive business background and expertise as the reason he would make a good county commissioner. There is no doubt that his background is extensive, but at best it can be said that it was very checkered.

The below link is Mr. Smolin's own Linkedin account:
Mr. Smolin claimed he was president of a nursing school. Not true. He was an admission director.

Mr. Smolin claimed that he started and subsequently sold a trucking company yet there is no reference to any such trucking company.

Mr. Smolin claimed that he oversaw a company with 350 employees, however, by his own social media accounts, there is no company that is large enough to employee 350 employees.

He claimed that he had administrative experience at a medical school and again his Linkedin account makes no mention of it.

The fitness gym in West Swanzey which he owned and operated for two years was abruptly closed, leaving members and vendors on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

His automotive care company which he operated out of Alton was administratively dissolved and subsequently ended up in bankruptcy with millions of dollars in outstanding debt.

In his letter announcing his candidacy Mr. Smolin emphasizes his "morals, honesty and ethics." While a resident of Maine, Mr. Smolin, by false representation(s) induced Mrs. Smolin's elderly and blind grandfather to deed his property over to him. When the grandfather passed, the estate brought a successful suit against Mr. Smolin which resulted in a judgment against him in the amount of $291,000. In a further bankruptcy filing, Mr. Smolin attempted to get this judgement dismissed. The judge ruled against him asserting that Mr. Smolin committed an act of fraud when he caused the property to be deeded over.

In his three bankruptcy filings, Mr. Smolin left his secured and unsecured creditors on the hook for over $5 million.

For the skeptical reader, all of the actual legal documents may be found on his opponent's web site:

One need only click on the Smolin tab on the left hand side to access all of the legal documents.
Attention to detail is an integral part of the county commissioner's job. In this regard Mr. Smolin has also proven himself lacking. The N.H. Secretary of State office requires all candidates to file disclosure forms in August indicating the source of funds raised for their campaign. As of the date of this writing, Mr. Smolin neglected to file the required disclosure forms.

For those who have publicly endorsed Mr. Smolin I say shame on you for not doing your homework beforehand. To those folks I say, "Be careful what you wish for. Your wish might just come true."

Pamela Tyson, RN

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I've decided to base my presidential vote on choices for Supreme Court

To The Daily Sun,

I don't often write to local newspapers. I am upset at some comments made lately about choosing candidates by choosing one that one knows, and not giving the other candidates as much as a chance.

As a local Realtor, I often hear that people choose an agent to represent them because they know their mother, etc. This is often admitted after a confession of how poorly the transaction went. It tickles me as I feel they got what was deserved. In this case, when you don't spend the time to research all available possibilities, we can all suffer.

I listened to people who said that watching debates was useless. I disagree based on my knowledge gained during the latest debates for New Hampshire candidates.I learned things about more than one that could influence my vote. So off to a slightly different topic.

About the upcoming elections — state and federal. The most important thing for you to do as an individual is go vote. If you don't have a favorite for a certain office, leave that box blank. As far as the presidential election, I have decided to look past the two candidate possibilities and look at their choices to appoint people to positions that will affect us all. Supreme Court comes to mind, along with several others. Thinking along those lines, the choice becomes too easy. Please go vote. Thank you, and may God bless. (Red Skelton's sign off)

John Fessenden

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