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No, we’re not ‘deplorable,’ we are simply paying attention

To The Daily Sun,

It occurred to me to ask my wife if she thought we were among the "basket of deplorables" that Clinton said makes up 50 percent of Trump's supporters. "No," she assured me. Perhaps we are part of the other half that is "frustrated by hard times and merit(s) sympathy" according to Hillary. I think maybe we belong to a third group — a group that is simply paying attention.

When the DNC chair was forced to resign in disgrace after being caught red-handed trying to tilt the election in Hillary's favor, thereby depriving Bernie Sanders supporters of their rights, Hillary named her honorary chairwoman of her campaign instead of admonishing such blatantly corrupt behavior. We also recall that months ago, when asked if her server was "wiped," she responded by asking "... with a cloth or something?" Come to find out that even when using sophisticated file shredding technology it can be difficult to eliminate every trace of those yoga lessons and other interesting tidbits.

For example, we now know that if you are an executive with the Clinton Foundation and want to get diplomatic State Department passports under the table, you could just send an email to Madame Secretary's top aide, Huma Abedin. That's among a number of emails that we're pretty sure they hoped would never see the light of day.

Surely Anne and I aren't perfect, but considering all the smoking guns, perhaps we aren't quite so racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise deplorable as Hillary suggested. However, we surely are frustrated as are millions of honest, law-abiding Americans who have grave concerns with the prospect of electing such a blatantly unethical individual as Hillary Clinton to the most powerful job on earth.

With rising world dangers, a bankrupt treasury, a crumbling military, a disintegrating infrastructure, and an abysmal K-12 educational system that has left a generation of young Americans largely unqualified to meet tomorrow's challenges, it seems crystal clear to us that a brand new direction is long overdue.

Jim Buttolph

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Thanks for the help with fundraising event for my Eagle Scout project

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, I held a pancake breakfast at St. Charles Borremeo Catholic Church. My fellow Boy Scouts (of Troop 55, Meredith) and I  provided and served breakfast as a fundraiser for my Eagle Scout project which is to construct an information welcoming sign for the church.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that came to the pancake breakfast and to thank everyone who has contributed and/or donated to this project. As a result of our efforts so far, we have achieved a little over 50 percent of our fundraising goal.

I would also like to thank John Moulton and the staff of Moulton Farms, and Steve Janaitis of Acosta Food Services, and the staff and parishioners of St. Charles, and the Scouts and parents of Troop 55, for their very generous donations of time, food and supplies. Without them the breakfast would not have been possible.

Matthew Sundius


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