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Hillary has backing of power & influence but God is against her

To The Daily Sun,

Here's an open letter to Hillary Clinton:

Hillary, you think because you have almost all of the media supporting your campaign, the Obama administration and all the power and influence it can muster, the Democratic Party as well as Hollywood and many influential billionaires, you think that for this reason you will win the presidency.

Yet despite all of this, God is against you, Hillary, and your lust for power, and for this reason you will not attain to the office which you seek. For God is able to raise up for himself and for his people the man whom he chooses. And man cannot thwart his purpose.

John Demakowski

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I'll be a knowledgeable, hard-working commissioner for Grafton

To The Daily Sun,

I am offering to serve the people of Grafton County District 3 as their next commissioner.

A Plymouth resident, I am a father, grandfather, tree farmer (still stewarding a part of the family farm) and attorney, who has over 36 years of public and community service. My pledge to the residents of Grafton County is to bring experienced, common-sense management to their county government including the Nursing Home, the Department of Corrections, and the Farm operations.

With Omer C. Ahern, Jr., the people of Grafton County will have a knowledgeable, hard-working commissioner who has a proven record of sensible spending in an effort to reduce taxes for the seniors and the families of Grafton County.

In appreciation, I respectfully ask the voters of District 3 to support me for county commissioner on Nov. 8. Hit a Homer. Vote for Omer.

Omer C. Ahern, Jr.

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