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I do not lump any entire race into a single category

To The Daily Sun,
Wonderful, I have someone new to debate with.
Denise C. Burke writes here in the Tuesday Sun a critique of my letters as sometimes hard to swallow.  All right, let me first return her good wishes to me for a peaceful new year and may you and yours also enjoy the same.
So now my defense of my positions. I do not lump any entire race into any single category, as you are under the impression of, apparently. I do lump Islam in as a whole, but Islam is not a race but well, a political/religion, I would best describe it. Now I do that because 1,400 years of history has proven my point, I believe.
It is a movement which seeks to impress its beliefs, laws and religion on the whole world by any means necessary. That includes military invasion, terrorism, infiltration and once they gain power all human rights cease and only Shariah law rules. When they infiltrate, as we are seeing today in Europe, they do not integrate, do not assimilate. They insist the host nation adapt to them. If it does not they demonstrate, riot and eventually revolt. It’s just historical facts, Denise.
As for your idea that I lump races into single groups, where do you get that? I will unapologetically single out groups like BLM (Black Lives Matter) or the Black Panthers which are predominantly black and are both racist hate groups, but not the entire race, as you seem to imply. Nor do I lump Hispanics into a single category of any kind. I am critical of illegal immigration for sure because of the many demonstrated negatives associated with the practice. It is the illegal part that I object to and not Hispanics.
Like many of us, Hispanics represent illegal immigration chiefly because they have the highest profile, because liberal politicians bring great attention to them to accuse people like me of racial motives which is seldom true of we conservatives. It does make a great trigger for liberals politically but those people (professional politicians) have never dwelt heavily on truth. Having explained this so far I will admit to having somewhat of a grudge against the internal Hispanic movement calling for the “reconquest of the American south west and returning it to Mexico.”
I hope I have explained myself to your satisfaction and you will reread some of my old letters to see where you have picked up the wrong idea about them. I will look forward to reading your next letter here acknowledging your mistaking interpretations. Thank you so much to allow me to address your concerns.
Holy smoke, James Veverka is apparently telling readers that human rights, women’s rights and all good sprang full-blown from the minds of atheists, like Athena from the forehead of Zeus. I know James rejects religion and likely has never read the Holy Bible, so allow me to give him just a smattering of truth. I am not a biblical expert so cannot cite verse, but I do believe those who are can tell you that the very first expression of human equality and women’s rights was written in the Bible.
Perhaps, just perhaps that is where our Founding Fathers got the ideas they wrote into our Constitution because it didn’t come from James and his fellows. As for ancient history, every culture has had its dark side regardless of religion based or political or anything else. But as for our times. there is only one religion calling for the murder, rape and enslavement of the rest of the world, and James full well knows it, so give us a bleeping break, James.
Let’s not kid ourselves about how many times James has here in this paper attacked, ridiculed and demeaned Christianity while over all these months and years I cannot recall him writing even the mildest criticism of Islam even once. I think that says it all.
Happy New Year to All.
Steve Earle

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State Rep. Huot’s letter illustrates his willingness to deceive

To The Daily Sun,
Mr. (David) Huot’s letter in (the Dec. 30) Sun appears to be somewhat obscurantist in that it fails to acknowledge established law.
RSA 24:14 gives line-item authority over the county budget to the delegation which is sometimes referred to as the convention. Prior commissioners tried an end run around this statute, but lost their case in court.
His contention that the county convention failed to discover mistakes made by the administration illustrates his willingness to deceive the public.
Dick Burchell

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