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Bristol shouldn't be embarking on another spending spree

To The Daily Sun,

After the great Nor'easter municipal elections of 2017, Mr. Alpers was re-elected as selectman in Bristol. Once again, the theme of "Laissez les bons temps rouler" (let the good times roll) again rules in Bristol.

Last year the selectmen voted to grant a substantial pay raise to town employees without putting it in the budget or bringing it up for a vote by the taxpayers. The selectmen voted to construct a $9,000 retaining wall downtown to facilitate parking for a local landlord, without putting it in the budget or a vote of the taxpayers. Then the police chief instituted a K-9 Unit without putting it in the budget or a vote of the taxpayers. This year the selectmen approved a $13,000 purchase of a utility all-terrain vehicle (and you thought a UTV was a potato chip!) without putting it in the budget or a vote of the taxpayers. Starting to see a pattern here? Well you should.
At the last Town Meeting, moderator Ned Gordon, chairman of the Space Needs Committee, reported; "The space needs of town government in 25 years will be shaped by the changing demands of the community . . . Bristol will experience no substantial residential growth in the next 25 years and may even decline in population." Bristol already has a population which is older than the state average." Grafton County Senior Citizens Council reports that "Bristol's population over age 60 increased by 53.4 percent over the past 20 years." Most importantly, "The average household income in the State of New Hampshire is approximately $64,000. The average household income in the Town of Bristol is approximately $38,000."
What does it all mean? It shouldn't mean embarking on a new round of multi-million dollar expansion of municipal facilities, Spending on the new town office and renovated police station have already started.
Hold on folks, under the continued leadership of now Chairman Alpers that's exactly what we the taxpayers of Bristol will get.

Paul Simard

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Why are liberals denying the reality of Muslim tradition & culture?

To The Daily Sun,

Allow me to espond to Loran Truth's misconceptions about the ability of Islam to assimilate into American culture and to accept Western values; some other factors have come to mind. I remind the readers that these are not my words but the words of Islam from the Koran. First let me explain a phrase and the meaning of a word.

One, "people of the book" refers to Muslims, Jews and Christians who all worship the God of Abraham. But Jews must recognize Mohammad as the last Profit of God and Christians must deny the Trilogy, Crucifixion and resurrection of Christ to qualify. Otherwise they are considered Kafirs.

Two, A Kafir is a non believer in Mohammad and Islam. A Kafir is lowest of the low and has no standing in Sharia law. Least atheists, agnostics, pagans and all other religions think they are safe think again, you are all Kafirs too. What does this mean in piratical terms?
Kafirs are inferior
Kafirs are evil
Kafirs are disgraced
Kafirs are cursed
A Karfir can be mocked
A Kafir can be beheaded
A kafir can be plotted against
A Kafir can be terrorized
A Muslim can not be a friend to a Kafir
A Muslim may not give charity to a Kafir or his dependence
So my assessment, based on research, history and current observations in the news is as follows.
Now that we all know we are Kafir, it begs the question of how can we expect Muslims, in the long run, to respect our laws and culture if they have no respect for our persons? In that long run, as their population grows they will become increasingly, demanding, aggressive and abusive. The proof of this is in Europe today and it will become ever worse as there numbers grow. So I wonder sense American conservatives and liberals all share largely the same western culture and values why it is that there is such a denial of these reality's on the part of liberals? We are all under the same risk of loosing our culture, nation and lives.

Steve Earle


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