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I strongly endorse Bob Giuda as the best candidate in Senate District 2

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To The Daily Sun,

I believe Bob Giuda is an outstanding candidate for state Senate District 2, based on his solid record of service to his country, his state and his local community. He is experienced in both public and private sectors — a veteran, a small-business man, selectman, state rep, moderator and school board member. His life experience and legislative experience are the practical, common sense assets we need in Concord to address the ongoing job losses caused by New Hampshire's business climate and workforce readiness issues.

As a captain in the high-tech airline industry, Bob understands the technology training issues causing businesses to leave the area — Hitchiner consolidated to Milford (140 jobs), Ruger expanded to North Carolina (700 jobs), EFI/Vu-tek is moving to Londonderry (350 jobs). More importantly, he understands that high school education and ongoing workforce training and education are essential to bringing and keeping 21st Century jobs

Given his distinguished service at local and state levels, Bob also has personal experience with the global forces affecting our national, state and regional economies. His analytical, leadership and legislative skills are what we need to attack the root causes of our ongoing job losses.

For these reasons I strongly endorse Bob Giuda as the best candidate to be our next state senator.

I encourage you to meet Bob personally at one of his Town Hall meetings. The schedule is on website at www.bobgiuda.org.

Harry Viens
Center Harbor