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I'll be committed to representing every one of my constituents

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To The Daily Sun,

On June 20, 2008, I very proudly took the oath of citizenship and my first act that afternoon was to register to vote. That Nov., I entered the voting booth for the first time and took advantage of the right to help choose our political leaders. And I continue to feel a sense of pride and elation every subsequent voting day. And now I would like to take the next step and have an opportunity to serve the community in which I feel so privileged to live. I am running to be the state representative for District 2, Gilford-Meredith.

As a teacher for more than 30 years I am very committed to ensuring that all students get the best and most appropriate education possible. I am also aware of the challenges that all schools face, of the many issues and problems that teachers confront daily, and of the pressures that both students and parents deal with as they navigate what seem like constantly changing demands.

As a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for children in abuse and neglect cases I have seen the struggles that so many families confront. And I am witness to the increase in the need for services to help our most vulnerable members of society. And as a citizen, a property-owner and a taxpayer I, too, have been affected by the down-shifting of costs from the state to the towns.

I believe that we must use public funds wisely and efficiently. But it is essential that, in our efforts to be more fiscally efficient and responsible, we do not eliminate or cut those very services that the most vulnerable of our citizens and their families need.

Our government must work for everyone. As a state representative I'll be committed to representing every one of my constituents, including and especially, those who might not have voted for me. I am equally committed to listening to and working with those who have opposing viewpoints in order to reach the most effective solutions to the challenges facing our state, our communities and our citizens.

I am asking you to vote for me, as well as Johan Anderson, Lisa DiMartino, and Nancy Frost on Nov. 8. Let's work together.

Dorothy Piquado