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Clinton Foundation is the stuff of Third World dictatorships

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To The Daily Sun,

The cream of the Clinton Foundation corruption seems to be rising to the top of this presidential election cycle and it looks like Hillary was using the State Department as her own "pay to play" scheme.

The Associated Press recently reported that more than half of the private individuals she met while serving as Secretary of State were donors to the Clinton Foundation. This was after she gave President Obama an ethics agreement stating that there would be a "wall" between the foundation and her duties as the nation's top diplomat. Many news agencies are calling for the complete shutdown of the Clinton Foundation, especially since she is running for the office of president, perhaps the highest office in the world.

These are stunning revelations because foreign governments and major corporations should not be allowed to buy access to government interests simply because they donated large sums of money to a person in power. This is the stuff of Third World countries and dictatorships. The United States of America certainly deserves better than a person who will sell out the interests of their country for their own personal gain. That is the true definition of greed and selfishness.

Sean Kenneally