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Those you disagree with still deserve kindneess and courtesy

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To The Daily Sun,

Your front page (on Wednesday, Aug. 24) could not have featured a nicer man than Lou Farkas. He and his wife are simply wonderful. We bought two unique pieces of furniture from them. They held them for us until we were in our new home and then delivered them to us (we had no truck). Their store is amazing. If you have not visited it yet, make sure you do today. His tables and use of wood is perfection.

Also, I wanted to say kudos to that beautiful little girl who spent the summer washing the police cruisers. What a joy to read that. It was refreshing and hats off to her parents. She will go far in life. To Mr. Bishop, I love your winery and had a wonderful time the day I went. It was a pleasure to speak with you and your wife. Your wines are divine, love the peach. I enjoy reading the Clinton and Trump debates. The local politics are just as interesting, and I am not political at all.

The article about finding the "killed in action" medal victim's family, was inspiring. Thank you for your sacrifice and condolences for your loss. To the Onion's restaurant and Pub, what a lovely gesture to your bookkeepers family, friends, and staff. And what a nice tribute to close for the day in honor of her memory. I can go on about many wonderful things I have read, seen and written in about this community and people.

I could go on about the many charities I donate to locally and globally. I can't tell you how many books I have donated and clothes. Or the times I have helped people I have met in stores, parking lots, in line. The numerous times I have bought food for people I knew had none. I can not count how many times I have made someone laugh, smile, held a door, helped with car trouble, gave a stranger a hug, stuck up for someone who was being bullied, payed it forward for a coffee or burger.

It is amazing to read so many wonderful articles in this paper everyday. It's too bad that some readers only seem to focus on the negative "spewing" of others. I fear they are missing out on the rest of your paper. It is too bad they consider all of those people and their opinions as "whining and pointless." It is funny how they judge and label them, and yet know nothing about them, their life, their families, or what they do in their time, other than "fault finding and preaching."

I find it sad when they say, "Writing in will do no good or make no difference." I am grateful that the men and women that fought and died for our freedoms never felt like that, "give it up" attitude. I am no saint, I am human. And just like you I am entitled to my views and topics I chose, and freedom to express them. It is your choice to read them. So the next time someone holds the door for you, gives you a smile, possible helps you out, it could be me.

Thank you for your time and the opinions of "us." It was really eye-opening. Thank you for judging "us," without ever knowing "us." Kind of goes against your own practice/beliefs about kindness, peace, and love your neighbor attitude you talk so much about. Even the "ones" I disagree (passionately) with, I would still hold that door for them, help them, and still give them the same friendly smile and courtesy I would to you.

Denise C. Burke