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By all that I have seen and heard, toplessness only adds fuel to an ignorant fire

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To the Daily Sun,

My letter was an open letter of thanks to Marie Ludwick. However, the title you chose to use is misleading. It could have been simply titled "Thank you Ms. Ludwick," as I believe it was. Instead you chose an alternate title for my letter. Was there a reason why you did? I had other things written that you could have used. Did you do it for a more dramatic flair, stir up the pot even more, or attempt to capture the reader's eye faster? Well, I see by the numbers of hits it received, I feel confident that soon there will be an FTN supporter responding, and I wanted to make sure they were not going to be misled.

I have said (and so have the supporters) that the move is about gender equality; the "old war"; men vs. women. However, it has been my choice to say that you can achieve all that and more with your shirt on. And you could be be taken far more seriously than with it off. Again, I will say, there are more serious "battles" to be taken on in the USA, and globally. With your number of followers,and the drive behind them, you could be a great force of help.

I still think that being topless will do more harm than good for women. Men will always look at our breasts as "sexual objects." And being topless, is not going to help. MANY overlook that fact. It will only draw unwanted and negative attention. I do not think being topless will help the rampant racism we have today. I do not think it will help gay men, women and transgenders get the rights they need, and I do say deserve, or stop a rapist from raping. I definitely do not think it will help bullying, body image, fat shaming or slut shaming. By the comments I have seen and heard, which are just awful at times, it only adds fuel to an already ignorant fire.

The supporters, many men and women, of this cause, seem to want it ALL their way or no way, and they do not care about anyone else. To me, that is selfish and bullying. You simply cannot change people overnight, by forcing them to just "deal with it" or shut up! And if you can't deal with people, such as myself, not being in favor of this lifestyle/choice, then maybe you should just take some of your own advice. Please stop complaining about families/parents, and how you feel they should raise THEIR kids. You are not their parents, and it is their choice on what they wish to have their children be "exposed," too, not you.

I have never felt "oppressed" being a woman. I don't let models/actresses influence my life or wardrobe. No man could/would/will ever tell me what to do with my body! Please, stop trying to tell me being topless is "freeing" and empowering. Because, I believe being a strong, individual, assertive, smart, loving, great mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend empowers me every day! And I have achieved all that on my own, with my top on, thank you very much.

Also, if men stare take pictures, gawk, catcall, film, etc., don't get upset with them. That's called a "double standard," ladies. What did you think men would do if you walked by topless? Did you seriously think they would/could ignore it? Again, this is not Europe. It is not openly accepted, and unsure if it ever will be in America. We are the "prudy" state, as it has been pointed out numerously.

I certainly hope the LDS will choose a better title for my letter this time, since I guess mine was not so catchy the last time.

Denise C Burke