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Running a country is not the same as negotiating a deal

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To The Daily Sun,

When you are thinking about which candidate to vote for, try to look beyond personality and bluster. Think about the next four years for America. Who will each candidate nominate for the Supreme Court? (Neither has been forthcoming on this issue!)

What are the domestic economic policies of each candidate, especially in regards to taxing individuals and businesses? Who will be the winners and losers under each candidate's proposed tax policies? Eliminating the top level of taxation is going to benefit very few, and harm many, with reduced revenue for federal programs that help the disadvantaged, and fund our military, highways, national parks, infrastructure, etc.

What are the domestic social policies of each candidate? Here in New Hampshire, we actually don't need more jobs, we need more trained people to fill the jobs that go begging. This speaks to the need for more funding for education, training and retraining, not to a need to ban imports and disengage from world trade.

Who is going to ensure the preservation of our rights as outlined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Who will uphold freedom of speech, press, and religion? The candidate who throws out the press from his rallies, who wants to bar a specific sect from entrance to our country, and who wants to round up Muslims?

What do each of the candidates say about the role of the United States in the world? The candidate who gets a nod of approval from one of the worst dictators in the history of humankind who continues the legacy of his father and grandfather in imprisoning one tenth of the population and bamboozling the rest into thinking they are living in a paradise? The candidate who claims to have a personal relationship with the leader of Russia, when in fact they've never met or spoken? Or the candidate with years of foreign policy experience and education?

Who do you want to trust with our hard-earned tax dollars? The candidate who has managed to reduce the fortune he inherited by 80 percent, and bankrupt four companies?

And finally, which candidate has the necessary experience in government? The guy with absolutely zero experience at any level of government from village to town to city to county to state to national government, or the woman with a very high level of education, experience as a senator and as the Secretary of State?

Running a country involves negotiating with world leaders, with Congress, and with the American people, and is not the same as transacting a real estate deal from which you can walk away if you don't like it.

Please think through the real issues we face as a nation, and make a well-informed, thoughtful choice in November.

Carol Zink