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I know that Americans are smarter than to fall for a carnival barker

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To The Daily Sun,

Take a look at the Republican GOP front-runner. Then try to decide whether to laugh or cry. The voters of this country must, and thankfully will, look at him with a true perspective despite all his hoopla and self-promotion.

First and foremost we know that he is not in any way shape or form prepared or suited for any elected office, let alone president.

Trump is crude, vulgar, pompous, self-serving, egotistical to the max, dishonest, a con man, ill-informed, shallow, unable and unwilling to tell the truth, contemptible and disgraceful. And those are his better qualities. He's a modern-day snake oil salesmen trying to put one over on us to promote and enrich himself.

He has tapped into a very visceral hatred which exists in this great country of ours. Trump is exploiting this anger to his advantage. An anger that rightly should be directed elsewhere.

Bush/Cheney, the Reagan administration and the current majority in Congress have willingly and purposefully brought this country to a very dangerous place. Trump and others in the GOP/Tea Party have exploited this anger to an extreme. Unfortunately for us we have been fed numerous lies, half-truths, deceitful statements and misleading falsehoods.

Are Americans willing to accept what this man is capable of doing to this country? I know that we are smarter and better than to fall for a carnival barker of a man.

Bernadette Loesch