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Obama has achieved his dream; America is circling the drain

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To The Daily Sun,

And the laughs just keep on coming for the Obama/Clinton aficionados. Frank M. Weeks thinks apologizes are in order. I don't think so Frank, if you want someone to apologize for the birther issue, give Hillary a call. It was her PACs that started it all, and that's documented. And the naysayers, oh come on, nearly every thing we on the right said about Obama from 2007 on, Barack himself proved us right.

Face it Frank, Barack has realized his dream. America, as we have known it, is circling the drain. We are now the nation of victimhood and the outstretched palm. The ACA (Obamacare) is on life support, both the premiums and deductibles are going up making it nearly impossible for millions to access it. And all those millions who now have insurance who didn't before, well that's being offset buy all those who did have it but now don't or can't use it. You must be so proud?

As for Ted Cruz (being a natural-born U.S. citizen), just because one judge says so doesn't mean it's so. Regardless which way that comes out, it's irrelevant. Cruz isn't going to be the Republican candidate. So why is it you lefties keep reverting to that old saw anyway? Is that all you got? I guess it is.

So let's just touch on a couple unanswered questions Obama hasn't yet answered. Like how did a class-skipping, pot-smoking kid who sought out Marxist professors get the grades to get into some of the finest universities in America? And what were his grades anyway? Oh, that's right. All his records are still sealed. So why is that if he isn't hiding something, something criminal perhaps, like fraud? I'm not saying that's the case, I'm just asking. But any normal, curious person would have to wonder don't you think, Frank?

That's maybe why the birther thing got coverage. Remember his birth certificate was sealed too, wasn't it? Got any good answers for these questions Frank and maybe for the other dozen or so I didn't ask yet?

This is fun — debunking the Kool-Aid crowd.

Steve Earle