Central N.H. has been inundated with upsurge of opiate availability

To The Daily Sun,

With gratitude I sincerely thank The Daily Sun for finally publishing a letter of mine. Though that letter was intended for me get a chance to talk with someone at the newspaper BEFORE I revised it and it not intended to be put in the paper in draft form, my goal was attained.
However, with that said, I need to apologize to my colleagues in other areas of treatment who provide similar, potentially lifesaving treatment for those who suffer from addiction. The larger, well established drug and alcohol treatment facilities, tasked with managing money, security and mile-long waiting lists through no fault of their own are challenged at every juncture. Without these facilities a terrible problem would be a lot worse and undoubtedly many addicts would have not lasted in their recovery.
We all will continue to lose.
The current sophistication of opioid and opiate-based narcotic distribution is far more efficient in terms of cost, expediency and potency than ever before. Virtually no one is safe from some form of negative affect that reverberates from opiate addiction. For many reasons it is the darkest addiction of them all. Existing as a cruel malady of the body mind, spirit, opiate addiction continues to transcend cultures as well as nations as it has for eons..
I would like to emphasize that I am referring to the addiction, not the substance. Opiate based medicines have been and are an invaluable godsend for those who suffer from chronic pain. If legislation was ever introduced intent on eventual illegalization of pharmaceutical pain meds, I would be one of the ones on the front lines fighting that bill! As was the case during prohibition, we threw the baby out with the bath water and subsequently ended then need to retrieve a dirty, jostled cry baby needing extra attention that should have gone toward other areas of social management such as law enforcement and treatment. Prohibition expedited the organization of crime.
Central New Hampshire has been inundated with an upsurge in opiate/oid availability over the past 20 years that has resulted in an increase in violent and non-violent crime, jammed up court systems, overwhelmed police departments, overcrowded correctional facilities, stressed out school teachers and guidance counselors, parishes, has ruined careers, devastated families, halted youthful hopes and dreams, fatal ODs, battered emergency rooms, once selfless and devoted medical practitioners who have succumbed, unsafe neighborhoods and a higher cost to virtually every area of business. It has and does continue to reap a grim toll that, because of an intrinsic grip with far reaching tentacles, surpasses all other addictive drug categories.
You, right now are expending a personal or financial resource that otherwise should be going toward the well being of your family. Whether it occurs directly or indirectly, this addiction continues to levy some type of surcharge on us all.

What to do? Voice this sentiment in government. Be active and keep watch on laws related that may be implemented, revised or eliminated. Every little bit of effort helps. It will eventually benefit everyone, everywhere from multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies to our loved ones whom we worry about until they are home safe. Otherwise we will all continue to lose.
Michael Tensel

A&D Recovery Counseling


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