So many good people, so much personal history, on the obit pages

To The Daily Sun,

As more and more obits for fellow Laconians appear in the papers it does bother me. Last year so many, and in Tuesday's edition more folks who were part of my history.

Lura Athanas, wife of Lou Sr., was telling me 30-plus years ago how to properly cut my steak during a yard party to signify that the end of another LAYBL season was here. At one of our tournaments Lura left the bleachers to retrieve me to meet a couple of ladies from Hudson. She wanted them to tell me what they thought of "our" tournament. Bear in mind Hudson had their own tournament. They said Laconia (Lou Athanas Youth BB) had the best one in the state. Some may differ, Lou would not have it any other way. For some reason Lura had this idea she had to keep me in line. Betty and I loved them both — Lou and Lura.

I worked with Bob Laflamme at NHBB in the late 1960s. We became friends, and when my displeasure with state government came through in 1973, it was Bob who talked me into seeking office, the one place to be effective. Bob and Len Corbin, another Democrat were running my campaign. Once again, it was someone who was part of my history.

My children would deliver the Union-Leader to the Minnons on Merrimac Street. George and Mrs. Minnon were very good customers. As we all know George had a talent for making you smile. So many athletes at LHS knew this good man. That was a perfect picture of George in the paper. He is someone in my children's history now.

Niel Young

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