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Cryans understands Common Core will attract young families

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To The Daily Sun,

I attended the candidates forum for Mike Cryans and Joe Kenney at the Meredith Community Center on Tuesday, Feb. 11, sponsored by the League of Women Voters. I also read Michael Kitch's Laconia Sun article Feb. 21 detailing why Mr. Kenney wants to be District 1 representative to the Executive Council. I find a real disconnect  between Mr. Kenney's stated opposition to the Common Core Standards for public education at the Candidates Night and Mr. Kenney's statement in The Sun article that, "the most important problem facing the state — and  especially District 1 — jobs, jobs, and jobs."

Mr. Kenney touts more local control of schools without any explanation of what public education in New Hampshire would look like without any common academic expectations for our students. This position is identical to the opinion advocated by Ann Marie Banfield, parent activist, applauded at the Lakes Region Tea Party meeting I attended last May at the Moultonborough Library.

Common Core Standards for public education were developed to identify and promote a skill set that all students need to compete for jobs in an ever-changing and evolving economy regardless of town or state of residence. The standards are designed to level the playing field of education so that all students have an opportunity to be competitive in the job market.

Mike Cryans understands this, and the standards connection to attracting employers who go where they find the most qualified applicants. Massachusetts was recently identified as the New England state adding population at the fastest rate, even with some of the highest taxes in the country. New Hampshire on the other hand has lost population, and perhaps more importantly, a part of the
population we need to keep, our young people.

Mike Cryans gets this and that the need to attract employers goes hand in hand with attracting young families who want first and foremost for their children the quality public education that Common Core Standards assure they will have.

I urge you to join me in voting for Mike Cryans for Executive Council in District 1. New Hampshire students deserve more than empty, worn-out platitudes.

Kay M. Anderson