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Bob Jones is genuine American hero & he is owed an apology

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To The Daily Sun,

In Thursday's Daily Sun, L.J. Siden wrote that Bob Jones was using veterans as "pawns" in his criticism of Representatives Shea-Porter and Kuster.
To accuse Bob Jones as he/she did, is despicable. But Siden, who for years has childishly refused to identify his or her gender, and who frequently
misrepresents what others have said or done, has once again gone over the cliff.

For those who don't know Bob Jones, here's a little sketch of his background. Born and raised in Vermont, he graduated from Fairhaven High School, after having set the school record for touchdowns scored. It was during the time of the Vietnam war and he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and studied to become a battlefield medic. He was sent to Vietnam and assigned to a division of U.S. Marines engaged in front line duty. During that time, Jones spent considerable time under fire on the battlefields, tending to wounded Marines. He was wounded twice and, because of his heroic actions under fire, he was awarded the Bronze Star with a "V" for valor. (He still bears the consequences of those wounds.) When he returned from the war, he was assigned to St. Alban's Naval Hospital as a medic. It was there that he met and married his wife Paula, who was also a Navy medic.

When they were honorably discharged, the Jones' settled in New Hampshire and he was in Dartmouth's first "Physician's Assistant" class. After graduation, he served for a number of years in a medical practice in Meredith. He then signed on with LRGHealthcare and was responsible for the hospital's "Vet-Link" program from its inception until his retirement late last year. He continues, as a non-paid volunteer, assisting veterans who avail themselves of that program. The number of veterans and their families that he has helped over the years is incalculable.

Jones was also one of the prime movers that established the POW-MIA weekly Thursday night vigil at Hesky Park in Meredith. That vigil remains unbroken for over 25 years and has received recognition by multiple governors of the State of New Hampshire. A noble cause to which he continues to devote his time and

In my lifetime, I have never met anyone who has been more sincerely dedicated to helping veterans and their families than Robert Creighton Jones. It has been my pleasure to know this genuine American hero.

For Mr./Ms. Siden to refer to him as a "pawn" is shameful. An apology is owed.

Bob Meade