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Great disappointment in the Keep Women Barefoot camp

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To The Daily Sun,

I would like to welcome The Sun readers to another edition of Tea Party Potty Tricks. In the news recently are the four Colorado Congressman who after voting against Sandy relief begged for emergency relief after the floods devastating Colorado. Huh?

Not missing a step, and as making a documentary about sociopaths, the House voted to increase hardship and food insecurity in America by cutting food stamps for 22,000,000 children in 2014. Ten million of those kids live in deep poverty. Showing the compassionate side of the tea party, ONLY 9,000,000 who are elderly or have a serious disability will be effected. And if that isn't patriotic enough for you, ONLY 170,000 of our veterans that laid their lives on the line will also be hit and made even MORE vulnerable. (http://www.cbpp.org/cms/?fa=view&id=3899) Being so both empathetic and fiscally responsible, the $39 BILLION cut over 10 years will help pay the $40 BILLION that we will pay Big Oil in subsidies in the same period. The Devil and His Angels are now in conference trying to figure out a way to more easily pay the $50 BILLION we subsidize the corn industry within the same period. Cuts to WIC (Women with Infant Children), and TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) look like an easy kill. Anonymous sources inside Hades' pro-hunger "We Love Corpses" camp say infrastructure funds look appetizing because, "hey, East Germany was kind of quaint".

Transcending his new glory as the most ridiculous person in Washington, DC, Ted Cruz is now being piled on by Republicans who seem to have gotten the message that he is truly the heir apparent to Miss Tin-Foil Hat USA, Michelle Bachmann. GQ's Mr Buffoon USA and Sarah Palin are now joined at the hip, yet John McCain, who gave us Miss Death Panel USA, "(expletive) hates him" say sources inside the McCain camp. Its the maverick, right? According to N.Y.'s Peter King, Cruz is a fraud. Ya think?

The U.S. House decided that insuring 17,000,000 children with pre-existing conditions is bad for America and voted for the 40th time to repeal ObamaCARE. It is estimated that each vote costs $1,000,000. Although ObamaCARE got its ideas from the Heritage Foundation and RomneyCARE, that doesn't matter because "we hate Obama". Up to 120,000,000 adults have pre-existing conditions but golly, isn't that what emergency rooms are for? Heck, we're pro-life.

Topping the "Is He On Crack?" Charts this week is Wayne Lappierre of the NRA, who told us that the Naval Yard slaughter happened because there just wasn't "enough good guys with guns". This week's Alexander Hamilton Award goes to the dueling team of Robert Taylor and James Pullum, who pulled into a parking lot in Michigan, neither knowing the other was armed, who then shot each other dead. Rumor has it these were two law abiding citizens previous to the now famous duel. Its not every day that two good guys with guns actually stop two bad guys with guns. Wayne Lapierre must be gushing.

On social issues, there is great disappointment in the Keep Women Barefoot camp. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals smacked down a lawsuit against the contraception mandate in ObamaCARE. A conservative appointed by George Bush, Justice Julia Smith Gibbon, wrote in her holding, "We dismiss the claims of the individual plaintiffs on standing grounds". But worry not folks, it seems that Catholic hospitals are claiming religious liberty protects them from unionization.

On the Big-Religion front it seems that the Catholic Church now have a very gracious and thoughtful Pope that is way left of the U.S. House of Representatives. In a total turn-around from the crusty rhetoric of the last two, the new Pope chastised Catholic leaders for being obsessed with abortion, gays, and contraception and slammed the cuts in food stamps. The audacity! He must be a commie!

James Veverka