Common Core education standards are rotten to the very core

To The Daily Sun,

How many parents out there are aware of the new "Common Core" curriculum being foisted upon our teachers and children in 46 states, including New Hampshire. Recently, a good friend of mine from Danbury asked me if I was familiar with it. I was not. I saw an article about it in my grandchildren's monthly Winnisquam Middle School newsletter. If you're not familiar with our government's use of Orwellian speak, then it will sound like a wonderful program to help our children catch up with nations who have surpassed us academically. I've spent the past few weeks researching Common Core and the more I have learned about it, the more it appears to be rotten to the core.

Dean Kalahar, an economics teacher, asserts that regarding it's real content, "if articulated openly would never be taken seriously". David Coleman, a leading architect of this program, has never been a classroom teacher and believes that education should be best utilized as the "engine of social justice". It appears that President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan have lied to school teachers and administrators by claiming the standards were developed by the states and voluntarily adopted. Seems it was actually developed by an organization called Achieve and the National Governors Association and funded by the Gates Foundation with 173 million dollars.

Columnist and former educator, Everett Piper has also researched this program and found it lacking in (1) academic freedom; (2) intellectual integrity; (3) liberty and liberation. Yet, conversely, full of group think, political correctness and social engineering.

Common Core is being sold as a "state-led initiative" since federal law prohibits the U.S. Department of Education from prescribing any curriculum. From everything I've read, nothing could be further from the truth. The Marietta Times sums it up nicely: "Other than dangling a little green in front of cash-strapped states, offering No Child Left Behind waivers, threatening to hold Title I funds, forcing the states to choose from among one and only one common set of educational standards in order to qualify for federal money, crafting standards behind closed doors, and now determining how and when teachers will be evaluated, the federal government is not at all involved in Common Core. "Really". Since this is a "the end justifies the means" social Utopian ideal, it is perfectly okay to coerce teachers while keeping them in the dark, dumb-down students using a one-size-fits-all plan and treat parents like dumb and dumber. After all, it is "the collective" that must bring up our children properly rather than their own parents. Oh, and this just in, the program is terribly unfunded so get ready for the tax man.

Betty Orweller, a certified teacher of some 45 years of experience concludes that much of the teaching of Common Core includes psychological conditioning for predetermined outcomes. Or as she puts it, "outcome-based education philosophy on steroids, foisted on gullible educators and citizenry". She says students are being trained for a "planned global economy who will work for the 'collective' under control of a socialist elite".

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, perhaps it is time to play connect the dots. Power, money, coercion and bribery while using our money to subvert the democratic process to further an agenda for a global one-world government. And you thought Agenda 21 was just some crazy conspiracy notion conjured up by some wild-eyed, sovereign seeking, constitutional conservatives. Here it is, alive and well right under our noses and in front of our children's faces. Paradoxical progressives claim this is part of a "race to the top" for our youth when in reality, it seems to be more akin to watered down, internationally, uncompetitive standards which will leave young adults completely detached from their own nation's great history and culture, according to historian David Barton. Oh, and by the way, it appears as though Common Core's nationwide student tracking system will allow a students' academic record to be shared with just about anyone under a private database called "inBloom". We've gotta be blooming idiots to sit still for this totalitarian takeover of our educational system because this looms as a potential dagger through the heart of our American culture and education.

Russ Wiles


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