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Wasn't it the liberals who wanted to have discussion about race?

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To The Daily Sun,
It's unbelievable to me how the left is hanging onto the Zimmerman case by inventing their own facts and scenarios about the events. One writer here recently stated in his letter that Zimmerman assaulted Martin. Really? Was he there to see that or is that just the way he justifies the attempt to railroad Zimmerman who broke no law and was found not guilty in court.
Let's recount: A witness saw Martin on top of Zimmerman beating him. Forensic evidence showed Zimmerman was on the bottom, Photo evidence shows Zimmerman with a swollen, bloody nose and abrasions and lacerations on the back of his head. This all supports his claim of self defense. On the other side we have no facts that contradict his claim. People, let it go, it's over.
Changing gears, the president made so many sweeping statements in his speech the other day it's hard to cover them all in the attempt to keep my letters reasonably short. So did any readers pickup his call for financing new home buyers to whom the banks have said "no" to. Sounds kind of familiar to me, isn't that the policy that led to the housing crash the first time? Why would a responsible leader try to revive a plan that led to disaster before? Answer, VOTES! That's right votes, he's courting votes again and be damned to the consequences. Why not? By the time that bubble burst he'll be out of office and set for life. It's the rest of us that will suffer for it.
Bill O'Reilly has wrinkled more then a few tail feathers with his "talking points" this past Monday. Fox News and O'Reilly haters are having fits. Wasn't it them who wanted a discussion on race? Yea it was, but it seems they only wanted a one sided discussion where they would lecture the rest of us on what was politically correct and acceptable to them. Pointing out the facts that blacks commit 10 times more murders then whites and Hispanics combined just didn't sit well I guess. Neither did Bill's revealing that something like 73 percent of black baby's are born out of wedlock. O'Reilly says that drives poverty in black communities. He had a black, liberal professor on the other night saying it was the poverty that was the cause of the break ups of black families. They argued back and forth but I don't recall ever reading or hearing about any culture in history where poverty broke up families to such a degree if at all. My impression is that poverty draws families closer making them more dependent on one another. Am I wrong? I think O'Reilly made sense and was damn courageous to say what most of us knew but are reluctant to say out loud.
Steve Earle