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If you like being deceived, you have Senators Ayotte & Shaheen to thank

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To The Daily Sun,
Do you think employers with over 50 employees should get about a $5,000 benefit if they hire "legalized" illegal aliens rather than American citizens? Do you think flooding the low-skilled labor pool which suppresses the wages of low-skilled Americans is a good idea? Do you think it is better for low-skilled Americans to receive welfare than get decent paying jobs? Do you think taxpayers should provide a $18 per hour subsidy so employers can higher cheap labor?
Do you think passing an amnesty bill that the CBO says only stops 25 percent of the illegal alien problem makes sense? Do you think that allowing about seven uneducated and low skilled immigrants (who receive more taxpayer provide benefits than they pay in taxes) for every high-skilled immigrant is a good idea? Do you think legalizing about 46 million, mostly low-skilled uneducated immigrants in the next 20 years is a good idea?
Do you think Congress should pass an immigration bill that the CBO says increases American unemployment? Do you think that Congress should pass an immigration bill that the CBO says lowers the average wage and wealth of most American? Do you think that rewarding 11 million people who broke our laws is a good idea?
If you think these are good, then you will applaud the votes by Senators Ayotte and Shaheen.
Do you like being intentionally deceived by false claims that there will be "enforcement first", fines and back taxes, strict background checks, no access to welfare, and a deficit reduction? If so, then you will applaud the promises and votes by Senators Ayotte and Shaheen.
If, like me, you think that the good of American workers is more important than that of immigrant law breakers, if you don't like being the recipient of false promises, then I suggest you call Senators Ayotte and Shaheen immediately and tell them to vote "NO" on the "gang of eight" Comprehensive Immigration Bill.
Don Ewing