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Dems allegiance to teachers' unions trumps education yet again

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To the editor,
The Democrats on the N.H. House Finance Committee are playing the worst kind of political games because this involves our children's education. A wise bill to correct a charter school funding issue was voted "retain" which effectively stops the legislation from getting an up-or-down House vote and throws our children's education into limbo. The excuse used ("there isn't any money") is an utter falsehood. The state funding for charter schools comes from the same basic fund as ALL adequacy which means if what they are claiming is true, there wouldn't be any money for ANY public school. In this case, the money does follow the child.
But this is Democratic politics and they see nothing wrong with taking hostages to create a bargaining chip. Children are those hostages and the Dems allegiance to the teachers' unions trumps our children's education yet again. Remember, these federal grants to the states for charter schools are on the condition that the state continues a pathway for future charter schools. Shortsighted Democratic legislators are indicating to the Feds that N.H. doesn't need the federal grant money because we don't plan to invest in charter schools here.
All is not lost. . . the Republican majority in the N.H. Senate can fix this by adding the language in HB-299 in their budget. In the meantime, tell Representative Dan Eaton — (603) 446-3535, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. — to stop the abhorrent practice of politics with children.
Ex-Rep Gregory Hill