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Clearing up the confusion over the Meredith Library plan

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To The Daily Sun,
Dear Meredith Voters,
If you like the library design that was presented at the public meeting and on display at the Library, please vote for three-year term:  Ann Butler, Paul Eldridge, Virginia Lovett and write-in Lynn Montana.  Two-year term: Lisa Garcia, and one-year term:  Betty Strader and Bonnie Ireland.  
To clear up the confusion as to what is going on with the Meredith Public Library, here is a summary:
• LOCATION:  The Meredith Public Library will be staying on Main Street in Meredith.
• RENOVATION:  may begin as early as 2019.  The adjacent (Price) property to be purchased by the Town for a municipal parking lot if approved at the Wednesday, March 14th   Town meeting.  
• ARCHITECT & FIRM:  Ron Lamarre with Lavallee Brensinger Architects (www.lbpa.com).  Ron has great references and specializes in libraries.  
• COST OF RENOVATION:  Guaranteed Maximum Price of $4,358,500 in 2020.
• DESIGN:  Visit the library’s website to watch the public presentation and view plan designs at www.meredithlibrary.org
• TRUSTEES:  the governing body of the library pursuant to RSA 202-A:2.  
The Meredith Public Library Board of Trustees
Ann Butler, Chair
Paul Eldridge
Duncan McNeish
Pam Coburn
Lisa Garcia
Betty Strader
Bonnie Ireland