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Plenty of financially healthy farmers are not using biosolids (sludge) for fertilizer

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To The Daily Sun,
Key words this year in favor of spreading biosolids appears to be: synthetic fertilizer (regular fertilizer) and recycled fertilizer (biosolid fertilizer). Recycled fertilizer sounds so much better then synthetic fertilizer, right? Here’s the thing, Biosolids contain over 70,000 synthetic chemicals that are being recycled through land spreading of biosolids (aka hazardous waste). Plus some extra added bonuses of heavy metals which are persistent, accumulates and goes into the food chain along with some chemical, hormones ,etc. Last but not least human feces that contain pathogens to numerous to mention and of course slow release nitrogen which is what makes the grass green.
The name biosolids was created to change public perception, which in my book is public deception. Hazardous waste, which is truly what it is, got its name change to sludge (still not sounding user friendly) to biosolids. Voila, now it is safe to land spread with some lime and or chemicals to kill of some but not all pathogens.
There are many farmers out there not using biosolids and they are doing just fine. Vote YES to ban biosolids — Article #4 Gilmanton. Protect our children, our land abd our health!
Sandi Guarino