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We must at least stop dairy farmers from using biosolids as fertilizer in Gilmanton

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To The Daily Sun,

Stop poisoning our babies with sewage sludge! Don’t repeat the mistakes made at Stoneridge Dairy Farm: (http://www.seacoastonline.com/news/20180201/dairy-farm-contaminated-kkwwds-kimball-lane-well.). Because of biosolids spread on his land 30 years ago, Stoneridge now has to dump contaminated milk, is losing a lot of money, and has to pay for testing and expensive filtering systems to provide clean water for his dairy herd.

It is because we want to protect farmland and farmers livelihoods that we are strongly encouraging a Yes vote on GIlmanton Article 4. Farmers need accurate, unbiased information from those that do not profit from this practice.

At the very least we must stop the use of biosolids on dairy farms to protect dairy herds and avoid poisoning babies and young children with tainted milk. Manure is a safer option that has been around for thousands of years. 

 A full ban on the use of biosolids would, of course, be ideal.

For unbiased information see: (http://www.sludgefacts.org/Ref88.pdf)

Caroline Snyder
North Sandwich