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If Humane Society can’t keep the ‘book’ up I will be glad to help

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To The Daily Sun,

Back in 2015 I lost my cocker spaniel two days before Christmas. It broke my heart.

One day I was out, kind of down. I had been to the Humane Society several times and called them many times looking for a cocker spaniel or even a small dog but they didn't have anything. I left my number but no call.

One Saturday I went down there. They had a book of dogs and cats. I looked and I saw a little dog. I asked if I could see him, they said yes. I had filled paperwork out before that was accepted. They said that the dog was a lhasa apso — I got him April 2, 2016. I took him to the vet and he said that the dog was not a lhasa apso, it was a beagle terrier mix.

I went to the Humane Society because I knew a dog had been taken in that I wanted to see. Just to see how he was doing. But he had not been checked out, which is OK. I asked to see the book but they said that they do not have the book anymore because they did not have enough help to keep it up. But a lot of people are there. Without this book, I would never have found my Charlie. I will go and give my time to keep the book up. I would never have gotten a call if a small dog had come in.

I love all dogs and cats.

Peggy Day