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Take a stand against money in politics; vote 'yes' on Gilford Article 33

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To The Daily Sun,

It has become increasingly obvious, whether Republican or Democrat, that corporations now play an immense role in our political system. It has gotten completely out of control; our government no longer works for us but rather for the corporations who are able to send lobbyists to sit in our courts and fight for their interests while we are too busy to pay attention. Our representatives are no longer representing us; they might as well wear jackets like race car drivers with their sponsors’ logos emblazoned on them! The proof is out there! With little research, I found just about every political ad we saw on our local television channels, on both sides of the aisle, were bought and paid for by outside interests. Some are obvious, others disguise themselves in clever names like “Friends of New Hampshire.” Looking further into them, they’re not even remotely associated with New Hampshire but rather they are funded by the Koch Brothers, AT&T, Boeing, Comcast, Verizon – the list is endless!

Article 33 on the Gilford Town Meeting ballot requests that we enact the “We The People” agenda. This is a nonpartisan effort to get big money out of politics by getting rid of super pacs, overturning Citizens United, putting an end to gerrymandering, and returning our government back to the people with public funding of our elections. This movement already has bi-partisan support in our state and many other states are adopting this policy, but not quick enough. Until we end these practices we have no control over our government.
To learn more about the “We The People” agenda, please visit http://www.opendemocracynh.org/.

PLEASE vote YES on Article 33 on March 13!
Johnna Davis