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Why are some hell-bent on taxing Bristol into oblivion?

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To The Daily Sun,

Seems that we have an imaging problem in Bristol. What are we trying to do with our branding? Bristol has an aging population that doesn't seem to fit the wants and needs of our Selectboard and Budget Committee. These so-called progressive committees are hell bent on wanting to tax us into oblivion! Apparently they are completely ignoring us older folk and think we need to somehow completely change what our town truly represents. They want to build this enormous town hall, enlarge our Fire Department building, bring fiber optic lines from the middle school to downtown, expand parks and god knows what ever spending project pops into their heads.

Lest not forget we are a rural town amongst other rural towns and to boot located on the wrong side of 93 for any industrial expansion! As far as industrial expansion goes we do not have the land or the location for that type of endeavor. We are a rural town with a lake for tourism, and that tourism supports our tax base; keep abusing that base and see what happens to Bristol. Do you think people want to come see the latest industrial park?

If we don't stop this uncontrolled lust for the next big project, we won't have to worry about our branding! These committees should be more concerned with our own local taxpaying Bristol residents being able to afford living in Bristol. Witnessing the proposed budget increases there was absolutely no effort on either committee to ask the departments to reduce their budgets to make up for any of the increases. As far as branding goes, all we need to look around and see the numerous rental signs for unoccupied space and the type of construction that seems to be very prevalent in this town — low-income housing and failing condo associations!

Make your voices heard! We have a Town Meeting coming up on Saturday, March 17, at 9 a.m., we must show up and vote to maintain our rural characteristics and protect our tourism base, we are not Meredith and we don't want to become some dot on the map because of being taxed into oblivion.

Ernie Richards