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Some simple security measures would go a long way toward preventing school shootings

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To The Daily Sun,

It is unfortunate that the dimmer bulbs in our society think the NRA is some corporate entity that wants people to die. Throughout the United States, there are over 300 million guns in the public domain and many of those gun owners are members of the NRA. Some of them are teachers, school officials and more importantly, parents. Blaming the NRA for these shootings is ignorant, insulting and not at all productive. Even if you banned guns all together, do you really think you are going to stop a mentally deranged person from getting one?

It would be a pleasant change if we could have a result-orientated conversation on how schools can protect our children from deadly threats. Sure, we can do a better job of keeping guns out of the hands of mentally disturbed people but we must also implement basic security measures to keep weapons out of our schools. Why not do both?

Please spare me the ridiculous excuse that our schools are not prisons. Do our children feel like they are walking into a prison when they go to a Red Sox game or a Meadowbrook concert event? Airports, sporting events and concerts routinely screen thousands of people for metal weapons and they do it efficiently and quickly. It is a proven fact that these measures along with the presence of armed personnel are effective in protecting the public from the possible threat of violent weapons such as guns, knives and explosives.

You can pretend to convince yourself that “feel good” legislation will protect our children but given the number of weapons out there, that’s a big maybe. It would be difficult to deny that simple security measures would have saved most of the lives in the Columbine, Sandy Hook and the Florida school shootings. If your demands to prevent gun violence in our schools doesn’t include the implementation of basic security screening and armed personnel, then your agenda isn’t about “protecting the children.”

Terry Stewart