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Selectman McWhinnie is scaring Gilmanton to death

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To The Daily Sun,

No one will publicly admit it, but yet everyone knows it! The Hatfield and McCoy syndrome of family feuds dates back to years and years ago in Gilmanton. It advanced to a higher level with the creation of the GYRL and the question of funding. Half the town knows and remembers what said about the funding issue and the other half claims the funding issue has been misunderstood. How hard is it to believe the issue is misunderstood when statements from the founders are available in the records? If the founders would have admitted to their statements when the questions first came to light, the healing could have begun and maybe, just maybe by now the issue would have been resolved allowing the town to come together! As we all know egos prevailed and the name of the library seems appropriate to half the town!

Last year’s election was a headline from Dirty Politics! Just days before the vote, a story was published about alleged business wrong doings by the leading candidate for selectman. With very little time to respond to the alleged wrong doings, this leading candidate was defeated. It was a very well planned act to sabotage a successful campaign! Who devised that plan? This is another one of those questions that everybody in town knows the answer to, (a personal vendetta by a certain few) but no one will admit to it.

Throughout the year it has been well demonstrated as to how this act of Dirty Politics has flourished and hurt the town. The allegations of $30,000 payoff under the pretense of a settlement. The two selectman verbally confirmed that they have relinquished their votes to the chairman, thus giving him complete say and control. The questionable appropriation of town funds and the providing of gifts to town some employees. And of course the fiasco against the Police Department, to name a few.

This perfect plan seems to have backfired! The Silent Majority of Gilmanton has taken notice and has been awakened. Unexpectedly, the uncaring public is now caring and questioning. The mandate against the Police Department or as otherwise known in town, the mandate to discredit and inflict retribution against the family of the police chief, has raised a number of questions of the procedure used in creating the mandate. Mr. McWhinnie’s refusal to answer questions on this issue, which has been consistent with his well-known style, only creates speculation. It would have been good business sense to have the town attorney involved in this issue. But for some unknown and unanswered reason the town attorney did not author it.

Did Mr. McWhinnie confer with the town attorney who may have advised against it? Did Mr. McWhinnie go shopping for a lawyer who would agree to do want he wanted? Judging by his reputation, these questions will most likely never be answered. What we do know now is the town attorney is now required to defend the mandate authored by another attorney, whether he likes it or not. So has Mr. McWhinnie somehow alienated the town attorney? If so, this could not be good for the town! Again, the lack of answers leads to speculation that is not supported by facts!

As mentioned above, the Board of Selectman admittedly is now a one-person board! Is this ethical or even legal? On social media last week, Mr. McWhinnie made comments, which according to the N.H. Bar Association’s web site, NHBAR.org, “Riding the Wave: Social Media in Local Government,” should be entered in the official town record. He posted statements while obviously acting in the role of selectman chairman, in which he stated he would answer one person’s question because she was nice to him on social media. Another thread of his that would answer her question but she is to bring it here, (not defining where here is), not Town Hall. Is this ethical, not to mention an appropriate action? In another thread of his, he stated that he loves this town and does what he thinks is best for the town!

Mr. McWhinnie, you posted on Facebook that you do not understand why all the negative things are being said about you and that these things are not helpful to the town. You need to understand your actions and comments have scared the crap out of people. With all the craziness and violent events that have been going on in this country and the world, people need to feel safe at home. You have threatened the sanctity and lives of every resident of this town. Your actions against the police chief, his department and his family, have made a lot of residents very uneasy. People need to know that their first responders are there, ready and available to respond if and when they are needed! You have single handedly enacted fear and uncertainty of being safe and secure just because of your personal and vindictive actions by attacking the police chief, his department and his family! If you doubt this statement, re-read the postings in social media from residents. They are on the Facebook page that you attempted to control by call out to the administrator to restrict comments. YOU have unequivocally done a lot of harm to this town! Understand that many people may have lost trust and faith in you and your board. Understand that people depend on the Gilmanton Police Department and the safety and security they provide. 

If you love this town as much as you claim in your post, then do the right thing and rescind the Police Department mandates and restore their social media page! PLEASE! When lawyers and courts get involved, NO ONE WINS ... WE ALL LOSE!

To those running for elected office in Gilmanton, make sure there are no ghosts in your closets! If there are let them out because someone will find them and use it against you to defeat you! Come clean now so you can defend yourself! Dirty Politics must have no place in Gilmanton!

The Hatfield and McCoy syndrome has to end right now so that we can survive as a town and as a people! Let’s be honest and human enough to admit wrong! Admitting to wrong doing and giving an apology are the best first steps and will go a long way to the healing process.

Mr. McWhinnie, it has to start with you and the GYRL! It may take time, a lot of time, but the sooner it begins the sooner the healing is compete! Again PLEASE do the right thing! The people of this small beautiful little town deserve to be treated with honesty, dignity and respect and they need to feel safe and secure at home!

Bill Schmidlin

Gilmanton Iron Works