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Rep. Migliore's letter to paper was humble and respectful

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To The Daily Sun,

In Rep. Migliore's recent letter, I recognize traits I would expect of a N.H. elected official; respectfulness, reconsideration with new data and concern for all constituents.

 Those voters who may never be in complete agreement with their elected officials but should give credit when it is due.

 Rep. Migliore was polite in his calling-out voter apathy for what it is, in his listening to people where he was able to reconsider and acknowledge a possible error in his voting, the explanation of financial items to constituents who should have done their own research of the budget, and in not telling people how to vote but offering his view with a recommendation and reminder of the alternative that is still available to them was welcomed. He was humble in reminding us by paraphrasing Ben Franklin that it is up to us to maintain what we cherish.

Tom Ploszaj