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Sign up for Laconia Planning Board or Zoning Board

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To The Daily Sun,

How would you like to help your fellow Laconia citizens? With just a few hours of your time each month you can make a difference and fill an important service. The city currently has an urgent need for people to serve on the Planning Board or the Zoning Board of Adjustment. We need both a regular member and two alternates for the Planning Board and two alternates for the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Usually there is one meeting a month, scheduled in the early evening, that last one to three hours (normally).

Alternate members fill in at meetings for regular members that can’t make that meeting or for some other reason can’t sit on a particular application. Being an alternate member is a great way to learn how the board functions and many times leads to becoming a regular member if desired. No experience is needed as we will train you. All you need is a willingness to learn and be fair and open minded.

The Planning Board hears applications for a variety of items concerning land use and new development and also forms the city’s Master Plan. The Zoning Board of Adjustment is responsible for granting relief to zoning regulations and granting special exceptions. The Planning Board usually meets the first Tuesday of each month with the Zoning Board meeting the third Monday of each month.

Any questions about either of these boards can be directed to the Planning Department at 527-1264. Ask for me or Assistant Director Brandee Loughlin. We hope to be hearing from you soon.

Dean Trefethen

Director of Planning/Community Dev & Code Enforcement

City of Laconia