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Ed Touhey: I am ending my tenure of Meredith Planning Board & am running for library trustee

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To The Daily Sun,

After more than a decade having had the privilege to serve the Town of Meredith on the Planning Board, I have submitted my resignation effective Feb. 19. As is appropriate, I will also be stepping down from my chairmanship of the Capital Improvement Committee.

During my tenure on the Planning Board I have endeavored to ensure thoughtful consideration and decision-making consistent with the town’s zoning regulations, the town’s Master Plan and my belief of what is right and best for the town and its residents. I have had the welcome opportunity to serve with board members who have consistently shared these values and who have generously contributed to the accomplishments of the board.

I wish to thank former Chairman Herb Vadney and current Chairman Bill Bayard for their leadership and professionalism. In addition, I am most grateful for the guidance of Phil Warren, John Edgar and Angela LeBrecque who consistently serve our community with a passion seldom found in public employees.

It is not my intention to "step away" from public service. I simply wish to change my focus in the years ahead. Meredith is a wonderful community in which to raise a family, to work and to retire. I am committed to serve the community whenever and in whatever capacity seems appropriate in the years to come.

In March, Meredith voters will find my name on the town ballot as I am running for a three year term on the Library Board of Trustees. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Edward C. Touhey