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I admit it, Mr. Vervaeke elicited a knee-jerk response from me

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To The Daily Sun,

I feel that I must write an addendum to my letter of last week.

The Sun’s headline for Elle Cathcart’s letter (Feb. 10) was right on the money. Mr. Vervaeke’s letter elicited a knee-jerk response from me and I ran full-speed ahead. Ms Cathcart did a much better job with her letter than I did.

Some members of my synagogue felt that I was supporting Mr. Murdough’s outlook rather than critiquing Mr. Vervaeke’s letter. May I offer my apologies to those that I may have offended.

While I in no way support Mr. Murdough’s stated opinions, I do support his right to speak. It is my hope that people would either ignore his stated intolerance or speak out against it using facts and opinion, without resorting to ad hominem attacks.

Rick Notkin